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Today’s Horoscope 15th April 2023


Don’t be too whiny: if something, especially in interpersonal relationships, doesn’t go your way, get busy and try to straighten it out, rather than complaining. Our satellite shows up in the Field of Secret Rivals, for your Fire sign, this Saturday…


You are more romantic than usual. This Saturday, a pleasant aspect of the nocturnal star begins for you Torelli. You will find the right words to involve your loved one in an activity that you are very pleased with, and that will not fail to intrigue her too, and quite a lot.


Don’t be naive if someone doesn’t seem to appreciate your opinions: they could be jealous and therefore partial. Starting from this first day of the weekend, a dissonant aspect of the nocturnal star is underway for you Geminis. Know how to defend yourself from those who don’t love you.


There comes a time when you can figure out what’s going on around you before anyone else. On this first day of the weekend, your guiding star, the Moon, enters a pleasant transit. You can take advantage of circumstances that are not very clear to others but are obvious to you.


Finally, people trust you again. Starting this Saturday, for you Leoncini, the disharmonious position of the Moon ends… You will know how to be understanding towards someone who needs your advice. You will know how to be close to people who have a lot to offer.


You Virgos keep your feet on the ground most of the time. Today, however, the nocturnal star presents itself in unpleasant opposition. Be careful not to make important decisions without considering the ramifications. Maybe it’s time to involve someone who is more concrete in this period.


“Your loved one will find you romantic and want to be with you; if possible, intimate. Starting today, the Moon is in the Field of Impetus for your Air sign. There will be erotic moments to remember for you and your partner, in this central part of the month.”


You are prey to a renewed optimism, which has not been seen in recent days. Starting today, a favorable aspect of the Moon is underway for Scorpio… You will know how to get face-to-face with intelligent people who will give you important ideas for your daily life.


From this Saturday, for your Fire sign, the nocturnal star passes into a tiring position… You are elusive in the eyes of someone who, instead, would like to feel you very present. Don’t be undecided just when it would be vital to take a firm and important position.


Starting from the positive day for you, for Capricorn, there is a positive position of the night star. It is a time when you feel optimistic and can start an interesting activity. You will be appreciated by someone who loves people with originality.


On the day of the week that is favorable for you, for Aquarius, the Moon enters the house of money. Your intuition allows you to seize a purchase opportunity that you have been waiting for for some time, and that will give you great satisfaction. Fantasy helps you in multiple contexts.


Starting from this first day of the weekend, for your sign of Water, the nocturnal star transits in a pleasant conjunction… A new predisposition is felt in the air, in your presence, which will give you joy both in the professional, (and above all) in the emotional one.

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