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Today’s Horoscope 8th May 2023


As of this Monday, for you, Aries, the Moon is in a tiring position… You are a bit stubborn and may be ignoring a much easier way to do an awkward task first. Good ideas only come to those who seek them, don’t be too fixed in your positions…


Starting at the beginning of this week, for your Earth sign, there is a nice aspect from our satellite… Your patience in trying to get a professional result will be rewarded. With your way of being stubborn, you will achieve goals that others escape.


Our satellite appears in the House of Transformation… The bad communication of recent days, which had caused some embarrassment with the people you cared about most, is giving way to a more relaxed attitude, from which positive results can only be obtained.


An unpleasant aspect of the Moon begins, for your sign of Water, on the day favorable to your sign… Be careful not to be too pessimistic when you talk to someone who is not very clear in his exposition. Maybe he’s saying something positive to you, but you’re not getting it right.


The Moon has been in the astrological house of passion, for you Leoncini, since the beginning of this week! Returning to your usual activities will find you in good spirits. Colleagues find you available and help you in turn. Compared to last week, there is more communication.


For your Earth sign, there is a nice position for our satellite, starting today! With patience, you will achieve great results in your profession as well as in love. Your loved one feels understood in a way that hasn’t happened for a few weeks now. Keep it up.


At this beginning of the week, for you Libras, an uncomfortable position of the nocturnal star is forming! You have to learn to step forward. Your shyness prevents you from taking advantage of a respectable effective (if not erotic) opportunity, which does not present itself every day.


Starting this beginning of the week, an advantageous position of our satellite, for Scorpio, is underway. The resumption of work finds you more patient than usual and allows you to appreciate all the characteristics that make you unique. There will be new information.


The night star is in the Astrological House of Money, for your Fire sign, starting today! Don’t hesitate too much when faced with an opportunity that could instead improve your economic and professional situation. Others will have less scruples.


The Moon transits in tasty conjunction, with your Earth sign, starting today! You will be very patient in achieving your goals, and you will be rewarded with facts! You can talk to everyone and obtain favors from everyone that you would not have expected.


The nocturnal star shows itself in the Field of latent enemies, for you Aquarius, this Monday… Even if you think you’re doing the right thing, you’re not realizing that you’re using too much energy to do something not too important. Try to summarize more.


Starting from this day, for you Pisces, the night star transits in positive transit! The people you like best find you trustworthy and will bond more with you. The resumption of work does not distract you from the beautiful things that happen in the world of feelings…

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