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Lunar Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs From November 27 To December 3, 2023

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The astrologer told us what moods will dominate this week and how to react to them.

At the beginning of this week, we will be at the peak of our physical capabilities, so we will plunge into the feeling that we are ready to move mountains. But in order not to run out of steam by Wednesday, you will have to control your emotions and delineate your boundaries. By the end of the week, your determination will wane, so it’s better to plan something inspiring for this time. We told you more about how to distribute forces in our Lunar Horoscope.

Monday – 27.11

On this day, be simpler, don’t complicate what you have to face, and don’t look for depth where you can do without it. There will be a lot of information, a lot of conversations, and easy, non-binding contacts.

Tuesday — 28.11

Good time for shopping. Pay attention to the sales – now you can buy the things you like at great discounts. But, be guided by your taste and the trends that inspire you, and not by advertising. Then your purchases will delight you for a long time.

Wednesday — 29.11

You will get special pleasure from cooking and even preparing for the winter. Therefore, find time to make a non-trivial dish or supplies for future use. And in general, in the middle of the week, many business matters will be discussed. So you can safely take on them.

Thursday — 30.11

It’s time to think about plans to improve your living conditions. You can select a suitable option for a plot of land, a country house, or even an apartment. But first, be sure to study the state of affairs of the real estate market. If you already have your own home, start arranging it. Investing in your home on this day will energize the space for the next two weeks.

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Friday – 01.12

Do not allow any fog or ambiguity today, either in work or in personal affairs. Try to avoid unpleasant communication. An overly emotional attitude towards everything that happens around can deprive one of objectivity.

Saturday — 02.12

Self-confidence will be very low on Saturday. Physical activity will help you support yourself and worry less. This could be a series of outdoor exercises or just a walk. And don’t let yourself worry about who will look at you and how and what they will think.

Sunday — 03.12

Misunderstandings may occur with children or a loved one. In order not to quarrel with smithereens, it is better to postpone the showdown and try to translate the negative into a calm conversation. Some common causes will help reduce tension: where each family member can express themselves.

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