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Zodiac Signs That Get Divorced More Often Than Others.

Zodiac signs that get divorced more often than others. Astrologers have conducted a study and calculated the signs of the zodiac, which most often fail to save a family. You may have noticed that in any divorce, one of the partners always suffers.

He blames himself for all sins, tries to understand where he made a mistake and does not allow the idea that there are people who are simply not created for quiet family life. Signs of the zodiac that get divorced more often than others: due to the fault of their nature, they have an increased tendency to divorce. What kind of people are these, and is it possible to calculate them before marriage?

Here are the zodiac signs that get divorced more often than others:


Aries is a true dominant who sees himself exclusively as the head of the family, and literally, everything depends on his decision. Interestingly, not only men think so, but also women of this sign. And if the other half does not show humility and tries to challenge the decisions of Aries, this person immediately flares up and provokes a scandal.

Aries will never gloss over a problem. If there is the slightest reason for a conflict, he will immediately inflate it to the scale of the Universe, and not every partner will be able to withstand such an attitude toward himself. In addition, the ward of Mars has never heard about the art of compromise and the rule of the “golden mean”. He will not make concessions and will not deviate from his principles. And if the partner does not recognize the complete supremacy of Aries, he will simply collect his things and leave. Naturally, this person will blame the other half for parting, shielding himself in the eyes of others.


Even with the light character, altruism, and sociability of Sagittarius, getting along with this person is not at all easy. This is the most freedom-loving sign, in which marriage is associated with prison, and not every partner can convince him that this is not so.

Sagittarius needs to feel independent, he does not tolerate control by a loved one, and therefore, Sagittarius responds to attempts to limit freedom with aggression, with which scandals begin in the family. By the way, control of Jupiter’s ward really would not hurt, because Sagittarius is not distinguished by fidelity. This person is polygamous and cheats on his soulmate almost always. Moreover, he does not feel remorse about betrayal, since he does not at all consider physical betrayal to be a betrayal. True, such excuses, as a rule, do not save him from breaking off relations.


Taurus only looks so sweet and sympathetic. But as soon as you marry him, a completely different person will begin to appear in front of you! And after all, the language will not turn to call Taurus a bad husband or an incapable wife. On the contrary, this is a sensitive and attentive partner who surrounds his soulmate with care and tries to fully provide for her.

But at the same time, the exactingness of Taurus often crosses all conceivable and inconceivable boundaries! The ward of Venus wants his partner to be perfect in everything, and if he makes mistakes, he immediately receives a portion of criticism and moralizing from Taurus. Moreover, real tyrants often grow out of the representatives of the elements of the Earth, who daily bring their partner to hysteria. Add to this the painful jealousy that the other half of Taurus has to face, and you will understand the motives for which they are in a hurry to file for divorce.


The craving for freedom Aquarius surpasses even Sagittarius. This person is extremely difficult to get down the aisle, not to mention living with him all his life. Perhaps that is why the wards of Uranus live in marriage for no more than three years. Fair sex is especially often divorced. If the beloved can completely submit to the Aquarius man and agree with him in everything, then the Aquarius woman begins to fight with her partner for supremacy in the family. This is where the desire to divorce most often follows.

Separately, let’s talk about the difficult nature of Aquarius. These are thoughtful natures who love to philosophize and talk about the problems of the universe. As a partner, Aquarius dreams of seeing the same deep person from whom you can learn, and with whom it is interesting to argue on a variety of topics. Obviously, with poorly educated and pragmatic personalities, the wards of Uranus will not live long


Family for Virgo comes first. The more surprising is the presence of representatives of this sign in this list. However, there is an explanation for this. Virgo doesn’t just take care of her loved one. She surrounds him with super-care, so much so that soon the partner feels that he is “stuffy” in this relationship.

At the same time, having entered into marriage, the wards of Mercury completely dissolve in their loved one, thinking only about him and his desires, and forgetting about themselves. In marriage, these people stop taking care of themselves, which upsets the other half and creates the prerequisites for dissatisfaction with the partner.

By the way, Virgos always rush to extremes. To provide a loved one with everything they need, they can go headlong into work and devote themselves to making money. And the second half at this time is left to itself. Naturally, such relationships cannot continue for a long time, and therefore, after a couple of major scandals, Mercury’s wards may find out that they are divorcing them.


Capricorn behind the eyes is called cold and insensitive. True, at the beginning of a relationship, this is completely imperceptible. When meeting these representatives of the elements of the Earth, they become sensual and romantic, affectionate and caring, which conquer their soul mate. But everything changes when family everyday life comes.

Capricorn d turns out to be a rather demanding partner, extremely capricious and fastidious. All his instructions must be carried out unquestioningly, and decisions are not discussed! But the most powerful blow for a partner is the incredible stinginess of Capricorn.

This person will not appreciate it if the other half does not work and invest in the family budget. The ward of Saturn keeps all the finances of the family at home while sparing money for literally everything that a loved one talks about. As a rule, quarrels begin with a money issue, which eventually ends in parting.

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