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The representatives of these signs cannot admit that they are wrong. They use artifices as an excuse to justify victim behavior in discussions. Check out!

It is challenging to relate to others. When the relationship is loving, obstacles gain different proportions. When we become emotionally involved with someone, we often tend to justify the other party’s behavior based on our emotions.

For example, we are more sensitive to understanding why our partner has taken such action. It is because of our feeling that we sometimes let certain actions pass. But there comes a time when the discussion becomes necessary or impossible not to happen.

And when moods are altered, we realize how the other behaves in essence. There are personality traits that stand out from others, and astrology can show us what they are.

Certain types of men play the victim to win arguments. They use the other party’s emotions to get rid of what they don’t want to talk about or justify their actions based on dramatic events that happened in their lives. They end up bombarding them with sad stories, eternal problems, and misfortunes to take the weight off them in an argument.

With this, the objective is to make the other party feel sorry and give up the counter-argument. It is a behavior that requires a lot of patience because no one likes to relate to another who uses problems to not solve their issues.

Check out the four zodiac signs that play the victim in discussions below:

1. Cancer

Cancerians use a lot of drama to stand out, especially in a fight. Because they do not have very high self-esteem, they constantly put themselves as “the poor wronged”.

From this trait, they become egocentric, as they only want to solve what suits them. Cancer men need constant attention, so in an argument, they have a habit of telling sad and pitiful stories about their fate.

2. Libra

Libra men become very rebellious and even a little narcissistic in heated arguments. But when the misunderstanding is with the partner, they start to put pressure on the poor thing and this maneuver can become so effective that the other party feels bad for having started the argument.

They are masters at turning the tables, using emotional artifice. They manage to use this ruse to end the fight without coming out on the bottom.

3. Pisces

Representatives of this zodiac sign understand the concept of being depressed in the face of a misunderstanding with a loved one. They expect, even under these conditions, that the other party will be empathetic and sympathetic in the face of their mistake. They understand that for doing everything in the relationship, they should be recognized for it and not be a reason for discussion.

They demonstrate frustration and annoyance through sadness, reminding the other person that they were responsible for them feeling this way. By appealing to this side, they like to be pitied, because the weight of the argument is lessened.

It takes a lot of patience to deal with Pisces men, as disagreements are always interpreted as an attack on their personality.

4. Virgo

Virgos complain a lot when exposed to an argument. They always look for perfection, so the way they find out about a misunderstanding is precisely by playing the victim. They make the other person realize that they are being wronged and show disappointment in the form of sadness.

They take the issue of disagreement to a very high level as if it were the worst thing in the world. They intensify emotions to a point that, in addition to the storm in a teacup they make, they potentiate as terrible what could be resolved with a simple conversation.


Loneliness is not a problem for these five signs, they prefer their own company to be with fake people!

Many people fear loneliness, they always need someone around to feel safe and happy. It could be that they have a problem with their own company or just because they feel that everything is better when they have someone by their side to share good and bad times with.

However, for others, solitude is a necessity. Despite having their social relationships and valuing them in the right way, these people need to have their moments alone to recharge their energies and enjoy their lives in the best possible way. In addition, they would rather be with themselves than be surrounded by companies they don’t trust.

We list below the five signs that most manifest these attitudes. Check it out and find out if you’re among them!


Capricorns have a solitary profile, they are not usually as focused on fun as most people around them, and they prefer to work on their goals, which makes them spend most of their time alone. These people do not fear their own company, on the contrary, they embrace it and prefer it to be with some people.


Virgos are people who appreciate time with themselves, they know that without the influence of other people they can do things the way they want and organize their lives the way they want. They like to have fun, but they donate their time well so that they feel satisfied. These people are healthy loners and use their time for their good.


Taurus like to live well and in comfort. Sometimes they don’t feel comfortable with other people, so they prefer their own company, as they feel calm and happy alone. In addition, they are quite selective about their company, always preferring to be alone rather than sharing space and time with people they do not trust.


Pisceans are constantly consumed by their intense feelings and concern for other people, so they need time with no one around, to rest and recharge. When they are alone, they get in touch with their intuition, which improves their mood and lifts their energies. They enjoy their own company very much and make it a priority.


Cancerians relate very well to loneliness because in these moments they rest from daily stress and are guided by their minds to positive places, which awaken them with joy and optimism. Solitude helps them to plan, discover more about themselves, and to eliminate everything that is not good for them.

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