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Mercury Retrograde Will End: Astrological Forecast For September

Do you want to know what month the heavenly bodies promise us? Then quickly read our forecast!

Mercury retrograde until September 15

I would like to end the obscurantism that is going on around this popular trend. Usually, when we hear “retro mercury”, we are used to thinking that it means not to travel, not to communicate, not to sign, not to buy, and not to stick out.

Retromercury works to strengthen – more trips, contacts, studies – all this becomes more, and because of more, the quality suffers accordingly.

Therefore, if you are planning a trip, starting a new education, or buying cars/gadgets/equipment – do it all without fear, only with maximum concentration.

Venus – Jupiter for almost the entire month

This position of the planets will provoke excessive spending, short-lived purchases, regret that you cannot buy more, and dissatisfaction that your salary does not keep up with your expenses. As a recommendation for this period: it is important to focus on what “triggers”, and causes envy and set goals to achieve that very “envy” or understand that while you were moving towards your goal, it became no longer so desirable, and that was just a clouding of reason or marketing tricks.

This trend will also affect your perception of your partner. Doubts arise – is he the same prince, does he live up to your ideals, or maybe there are even better and more worthy characters? Don’t judge your partner strictly based on being trendy and cool, because he will judge you the same way. But we want to be loved, not judged. Therefore, try to use your heart, not your mind.

The Sun-Neptune trend from September 9

Your desires and ambitions will be suppressed by doubts, uncertainty, fears, and a feeling of helplessness. More often than usual, I am consumed by doubts about what I want, a lack of self-confidence a feeling of sacrifice, laziness, and the risk of chronic diseases.

To compensate for this condition:

– feel sorry for others, not yourself, do charity work;

-Visit a psychologist for a better and more effective experience of your emotions;

– Keep yourself creative, immerse yourself in the study of music, cinema, fashion, and religion;

-Tune in for the day through music, affirmations, and meditations -choose what is closest to you.

This trend is especially relevant for people born on March 15-20, September, June, and November.

September 15 – new moon, September 29 – new moon

These are highly emotional days when it is better not to make important decisions because, due to emotions, there is a high risk of regretting what you have done.

Good luck in September and may the stars light your path!

The busiest days of the month, when you don’t need to plan important things, are 6,7,12,19,22,26,29,30.
The most positive ones, in which luck awaits, are 2,5,9, 14, 15, 20,28.

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