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Poems Of The Signs Of The Zodiac. About Every Sign In Poems!

Poems of the signs of the zodiac. About Every Sign In Poems! Was very coolly said :). Each sign of the zodiac has its characteristics because everyone experiences resentment, fear, and problems in completely different ways. And yes, we are all completely different. We have prepared for you a description of the signs of the zodiac in verses that will tell the whole truth about you. We wish you a positive mood and pleasant reading! Each zodiac sign is beautiful in its way!


Bach, Raphael Descartes, Goya, Haydn, Bismarck.
Medici Catherine and Zola.
Life on the edge, life on the rise.
Don’t stop it, don’t turn it around.
He – through all the obstacles – only with his forehead.
Ambitious. Stubborn. It has blood and fire in it.
Perky. Irritable. Furious.

He is in the Crusaders, he is in the atheists. Conqueror. Pioneer, hero.
He is a despot. Rude. Brave. Wicked.
Leonardo da Vinci, Hitler, and Chaplin, everything in him is too much.
There is not a drop of everything in it. Everything is over the edge.
Everything is to the limit. So that everything plays and boils.
Do not argue with Aries – he dares to kill, then, however, he will regret it.
It’s not his fault. Simply, it’s in him.
First, actions. Analyzes later.
Of all the “fires” – he is the most fire. Impatient.
Scary. And explosive.

Zodiac Poems:  Taurus

Venus and the Moon entered his mentality.
Sensitivity and taste, a little sentimentality.
Yes, he is stubborn, but climbs into the breach.
But dilettantism is not about him.
Hardworking and patient, persistent, constant, and fair.
However, he is also conservative, and, unfortunately, jealous.
Smart advice can not be given to him, he does not listen to them and is unlikely to

But, take a closer look – here they are Taurus: Warriors, Leaders, and Wise Men.
Shakespeare, Marie Medici, and Robespierre, and Cromwell, Balzac, Brahms,
Freud, we remember about Lenin, Delacroix Truman, and Catherine.
A rather strange picture emerges.
Here everything is mixed up, and through the centuries Taurus goes with the stubbornness of a bull.
No, no, he is, in general, peaceful.
Not quarrelsome over trifles. Not angry.
But be afraid if a Taurus friend is nearby when his patience comes to an end.
He will try two hundred times on the tooth, not at all because Taurus is dumb and stupid,
But because before each step,
He needs to check himself a hundred times.
And with memory, Taurus is damn lucky,
He remembers both good and evil for a long time. Ah! Darling, honestly, I love you and
I’m kind of afraid.

Zodiac Poems:  Gemini

Changeable as the wind, as the wind is deceptive,
The sign of thieves, the sign of pirates, vagabonds, and Kamanches.
The sign of poets – in love with their fatal gift.
A sign bearing in itself – either an ebb or a surf.
Gemini – how smart, how thin, two-tone, bisexual, intellectual.
So easy to lose, so easy to find.
Forgive and understand everything, but leave halfway.
The Gemini will never reach the end. Don’t catch up! Don’t help! Don’t lift!
Don’t save! It’s such a fate! Such sadness!
Love is not important to them, and they do not feel sorry for others.

“Their Highness Flirt” – leads them through life.
He kisses their hands and drinks water from their lips.
Grieg, Schumann, Offenbach, Wagner or Gauguin.
Passionate wind of change, terrible wind of change.
All muses, sciences, and guns are subject to them.
Blaise Pascal and Andropov, the brilliant Pushkin.
In them, anxiety about the house is almost inaudible.
Silence sings in their souls. Here they are Gemini.
Strictly judged – cunning, if you look further – well done.
If you take it and understand it, it’s not a fault, but a misfortune. This is air flowing from us to nowhere.

Poems of the Zodiac Signs:  Cancer

Cancer is true. Betrayed Sensual. Vulnerable.
Honest at work. Difficult to replace.
Prefer to give more.
He does not like innovations, it is difficult for him to change his style.
Their intuition is on the verge of mysticism.
He is secretive, such is his charisma.
Doesn’t like to stand out from the crowd.
Incredibly memory. He is with technology on “You”,
But innovations do not delight him. Conservative.
And jealously observes traditions.

Petrarch, La Fontaine, Gluck, Rubens, and Rembrandt, you see what talent they have.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Kafka, and Chagall, So surrealism ran through Cancers.
But, to be honest, Cancer does not climb forward,
Slightly – what is wrong, he backs away, and surrenders to the side.
He is affectionate. Ah, how Cancer is playful.
He loves to let the “naive” in.
He is emotional at the limit.
He loves gentle tones, and anxiously takes care of the body.
He yearns for his homeland, for home.
And nostalgia is understandable and familiar to him.
There is – there is melodrama in it.
There is a lack of character.
There is laziness and impracticality.
Cancer is steam. He likes to evade, but penetrates everywhere,
fill everything – and move forward.
They have a great house. exemplary family. He lives peacefully, without quarrels. And no

Poems of the zodiac signs:  Leo

They came here to command.
The main task is to rule the whole world.
He is kind. He is sincere. He is very noble.
But, unfortunately, it is not always convenient for everyone.
The world is a theater for Leo. Limelight. Backstage life.
Lead. News. Learn actresses.
To be the center of the universe and the universe.
Star captivating and unusual.
Yes, outwardly, often, he is not the king of beasts, but their ambitions are more than kings.
He is the First. He can’t be second.
He is the Sun. He is warm. A halo shines above him.
All power is in faith, in the highest truth is power,
And the darkness is dangerous for them, like a grave.
At the first shadow and haze of doubt – Leo requires instant explanations.

He is insanely brave. In rage and passion,
There is not even a drop of fear of danger in him.
Claude de Bussy, Dumas, Rockefeller, Ford,
Oh, how any of them is both majestic and proud.
Napoleon gave them a terrible complex,
They were adventurous, sharp, and passionate.
In any of them, there is grief and a break,
The road to the madhouse is visible.
Their sign is Fire. He is sexy and hot.
Career. Maps. The search for luck.
As a result, failures and bankruptcy. Another sign is birthright.
Not compatible with Earth and Water.
He is to death a Lover and a Hero.

Zodiac Poems:  Virgo

The sign is the Creator, and the sign is the Loafer.
The sign is Million and the sign is Without Money. Sign – Purity, and – Dirt sign.
Here is how the Zodiac confused all the cards.
He is contradictory. He is very, very different.
He is both a worker and an idle reveler.
He is Plyushkin, picking up nails. And – Collector collecting pictures.
He can be – mediocrity, a bore.
Or maybe Genius! Thinker!! Miracle!
He may be smart, or he may be stupid.
But, most importantly, Virgos, all of them, have one symptom.
He is an Analyst! He is a Pedant! He is a realist! Practical. Modest. Not a speaker.

He does a lot and says little. At the same time, he is a logician! System manager! Scrabble!
He can draw, create, sculpt, write, play, and charm everyone!
His motto is one of the most real: “If you do something, then it’s brilliant.”
Tolstoy and Levitan, Sophia Loren, Gauthier, Dictator Franco, Dreiser, Richelieu,
Greta Garbo, Goethe’s finest lyricist.
And yet, for Virgos, poetry is at work.
He is firmly on the Earth, and he is a sign – of the Earth.
He is close to you, but a little far away.
He is removed from everyone. He is an individual.
He is full of thoughts and plans.
And they are usually paid not with wealth, but with Glory, Orders, and Laureates.
But after drinking everything to the droplet, to the bottom, Garbo said, -? I dream of being alone!?.
Such is the result of the Virgos, quite ordinary, the Sign is incomprehensible and selfish.

Zodiac Poems:  Libra

Libras are sentimental and tender. Compliant.
Many are friendly. Tactful and balanced.
Their actions are thought out and weighed.
Generous, very businesslike.
They live, almost always, “from the head.”
No – there is a heart, but the main thing is not in it, He submits to feelings with difficulty.
Libra is the bridge from Virgo to Scorpio. And figuratively from violence to the law.
After all, Virgo is the mind, Scorpio is desire, and Libra is the perfection of the universe.

He is a compromise. Often there are no enemies. He is light air, from heavy clouds.
He is persuasive. He is adored by all.
But picky and hard to bend.
Talkative and self-willed. Creepy gossip.
But a great conversationalist.
Virgil, Franz Liszt, Diderot, Wilde , George Gershwin and Brigitte Bardot,
Eisenhower, Lermontov, Nietzsche, O. Neil, Mastroianni – who conquered the whole world.
Of his weaknesses – a short breath, physically he is weak, malaise.
Lack of energy, and under old age,
He is waiting for the spleen and terrible fatigue. But life passes easily at Libra –
A solid veil of beautiful dreams.

Zodiac Sign Poems:  Scorpio

Of the signs of the Zodiac – Scorpio is especially violent, energetic, and strong.
It is a presidential badge. Ruthless and passionate.
nature of extremes. He is hot-tempered and dangerous.
Changeable. Controversial and dramatic. Rebel.
Satisfied with myself. Resolute.
And, often, indecent.
He is an individual. Anarchist.
He despises everyone. He won’t whistle.
His decisions are always irrevocable.
He easily reads in souls, and he is always closed by a thick veil.
Active. Curious. Proud.

According to clairvoyants, this sign broke the record.
Dislikes light flirting.
And everyone bears the motto – “We have everything or nothing.”
It is under Pluto, the newest of the planets.
Marie Antoinette, Claude Monet, Walter, Curie, Turgenev, Picasso.
(Let me remind you, he only wants everything!) I will add Khlebnikov and Dostoevsky,
There are no obstacles for them and there are no difficult questions.
His resistance is a match for him,
He, like a Phoenix, can resurrect.
But there are downsides to it. There is laziness and impracticality, evasiveness and
He is prone to mood swings.
He is the Black Genius of pessimism.
There is a sudden spark of irritability in him.
He is an avenger, like the Count of Monte Cristo.

Poems of the zodiac signs:  Sagittarius

Oh, that sign! Fire! There is so much light around!
Marie Stuart, Empress Lisaveta, De Gaulle and Churchill, Razin and Plekhanov.
They have different centuries. Peoples. Countries.
Kropotkin, Lunacharsky, Karamzin.
But look, there is only one way for them.
Musset, Toulouse-Lautrec and Berlioz, The Way of High Thoughts. The path of ideas and tears.
Horace, Zhukov, Garibaldi, Twain.
The path of the purest and highest change.
Beethoven, Strauss, Swift, Milton. Laughter sarcastic, turning into a groan.
Sagittarius is a sign of Travel and Victory.
Dreams of leaving a mark on the Earth.
He is charming. Sincere and direct. He is not eager for profit and money.

Life for him is Comfort and Cleanliness.
He is attracted by Harmony, Practicality, and Beauty.
He is lightning! Changeable fire! He is fast because he has a horse.
He is dangerous because he has a bow. He is very loyal and a good friend.
Optimistic and impatient.
He is stubborn. Dynamic. Not chatty.
Able to make accurate decisions.
Knows how to wait. Endure hardships. Knows how to flirt and loves it.
Azarten and ready to run to the end of the World. We are not allowed to change our natures.
Life for Sagittarius is a chain of adventures. They are tireless. Adamant.
Vivacious and Restless

Poems of the Zodiac Signs:  Capricorn

They do not like light – they are attracted by twilight.
Motto – “No need for change, everything is very good and so.”
Practical. Punctual and correct. Reliable as the Earth, simple, honest.
Yes, in appearance, they are cold, but they love deeply,
And it is not easy for them to express feelings.
He is successful in every job.
He can draw, and wear armor.
Like Joan of Arc, Shishkin, and Perov.
He can make chains of words. Zhukovsky, Kipling, Griboyedov, Molière,
Having known everything, like Pompadour or Marie de Plessis,
He can weave an intrigue so that the Devil
himself will not unravel it, he is a sign of Fate.
He doesn’t need charm.

His appearance does not excite, does not attract.
It has pure energy.
The gods have invested in their steadfastness, as in a machine
that must rise to the top.
Fate gave them the main dignity – they are unshakable, like a rock.
He will dig at least until the end of the world,
Until he digs out the right answer.
Until he turns lead into gold,
He will never say, “That’s it! End !”.
Ascetic. Persistent and hardworking. Stable. Hidden. Gentle.
However, there are a lot of minuses in it. Cruelty. Avarice. Stubbornness. Callousness,
dullness. Stupidity.
And yet he has success – everywhere: in the earth and under the earth, and in the sky, and the water.


In them, the Angel is mixed in half with the Bes.
Sign – Genius. Sign of different interests.
They have a very sharp mind.
He does not like theatricality,
But he shocks everyone, they are drawn to scandalousness.
Fighters for Truth, Justice.
Servants are FAITH. But vulgar and nasty manners.
Trusting. Religious and mystical.
Very tolerant and not despotic. impenetrable.
Sometimes very naive.

And the slogan to match them, just as childishly wondrous – “Do not do as I do, but
Do as I tell you!”.
There are very visible differences in actions and words.
However, Air. Talkative. Cheerful and lively.
Stubborn and talkative, but not angry.
Promiscuity. Coldness and calculation.
But objectivity and collectivism, as a score in the offset.
Here is Galileo, here is Burns, here is Byron, Edison, Jules Verne, Maugham, Charles Darwin and
There is no jealousy in them – this is a clear plus.
But he is two-faced, he will break any union.
And one more thing – it is very inconvenient,
Because it must always be Free.


They have intuition at the highest level,
Both Mozart and Salieri lived in them at the same time.
They are honest. Hardworking. Methodical.
And at the same time – impressionable, dreamy, and very
Idealists. Their life is a search for knowledge.
Harmonies, beauty,
a chain of disappointments,
That the world is not perfect and reality – Not Spirit, but Gold – in vulgar
materiality. Everything known
is preferred.
They don’t like change. They are born tired and full of doubts.
Water – but more like a gas.
In them, the truth is not visible. They live their own – special life,

Far from people, from the world of realism.
However, not always at odds with themselves,
Between Suma and the Throne, Throne and Prison.
He will pass his life – just a loving one.
He understands everyone, but not himself.
And yet the cons: Bifurcation and Laziness.
Evasiveness. Departure from life in the shadow. A touch of gloominess. Crazy tragedy.
And children’s joy – Delight and Naivety. Rossini, Michelangelo, Chopin,
Hugo, Caruso, Handel and Einstein,
And Washington, and Gorbachev, Steinbeck.
Everything is subject to the gods – both the Worm and the Man.
And creating Pisces, they decided so – Let there be the most constant and stubborn sign,
They can neither be persuaded nor tamed, they can only be defeated by force.

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