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Spiritual Meaning Of The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Taurus On October 28, 2023

The Full Moon lunar eclipse in Taurus, which will take place on October 28, 2023, brings with it a period of significant transformation. Eclipses are always times of disruption, amplifying ambient energy and revealing things we may not have noticed before.

An end of the cycle

Take a moment to reflect on November 2021.

  • What were the dominant themes at that time?
  • What challenges or situations were you going through?

What was then manifested has likely reached its conclusion. The lessons learned and the journey undertaken since this time have likely culminated with the full moon eclipse in Taurus.

Looking back, you can see how far we have come since those days. Perhaps you will realize the personal evolution that you have experienced. Whatever your current situation, I want you to be proud of the person you have become and the journey you have taken.

The Magic of Eclipse Transformation

Eclipses always act as catalysts to peel away unnecessary layers, promoting greater authenticity and realignment on our soul’s path. They mark moments of transition, where we can access higher consciousness and begin a new chapter in our spiritual journey.

This lunar eclipse in Taurus being the last in a cycle, holds exceptional power to conclude chapters. If you have something you want to finish or are looking to end something, the weeks surrounding this eclipse offer the perfect time to take action.

Take advantage of the energies of this eclipse to close doors and get rid of everything that is no longer in agreement with your soul. Although we sometimes have a desire to control this process, eclipses tend to act in mysterious ways, guiding us toward the path we should take.

Even if you have intentions about what you want to let go, also allow the eclipse to unveil what needs to be seen. The final pieces of the puzzle will find their place, so let them fit naturally.

Journey to the depths

This lunar eclipse in Taurus coincides with a strong influence from Pluto, often associated with the Lord of the Underworld, who is very active. Being the natural ruler of Scorpio, of which it is also the season, its energy will be particularly pronounced.

Pluto and Scorpio are linked to the themes of death and rebirth. Additionally, at this time of year, the Pleiades, a constellation evoking death and rebirth, are also clearly visible in the sky.

Thus, this eclipse is marked by a powerful theme of death and rebirth, under the guidance of the Lord of the Underworld. She takes us on a journey of transformation and renewal.

During this time, we may have to confront our shadows, explore areas we wouldn’t have dared to explore before, or uncover uncomfortable truths. What was once hidden can come into the light.

The Lord of the Underworld feels comfortable in the darkness because he is its ruler. It recognizes and accepts the elements found there. He found peace with everything he encountered in this place.

Under the influence of this full moon eclipse in Taurus, we may follow a similar path. We may be led to make peace not only with the elements present in our current life but also with our past. Keep in mind that this eclipse energy returns us to November 2021, allowing us to make peace with everything we have been through since that time.

Increased energy intensity

With Pluto’s influence, power conflicts could arise, both on a personal level and in the world around us. Mars and Mercury move together, which can intensify conversations, encourage sharp verbal exchanges, or even lead to impulsive words.

There is a passionate energy during this eclipse, which could easily turn into heated arguments. We will need to be careful with our words and how we interact with others. Since emotions will be high, it will be essential to be sensitive in our interactions.

Due to the volatility of energies related to the eclipse, it is essential to take time to rest and recharge. Practices such as journaling, meditation, and self-exploration are recommended. When you have to have a difficult conversation or confront a conflict, be sure to maintain control of your nervous system. Pay attention to your instinctive reactions of fight, flight, or freeze, as simply observing them can help calm your inner state.

We all have our ways of handling conflict, so be kind to yourself if you have to engage in a difficult conversation. Perfection is not always achievable, and it is an accomplishment in itself to be authentic and calm as much as possible.

Expand your mind, broaden your vision, and open your heart

Jupiter is another planet that plays an active role during this eclipse. Jupiter is associated with expansion, which can make it feel like everything is amplified under this energy. Things may seem more important or bigger than they are, and our reactions may be exaggerated.

Although we may overreact with Jupiter in play, its energy also offers us the opportunity to step back and see things in a different light. By taking this higher perspective, our minds can open to new thoughts and realizations that we had not previously considered.

Jupiter is also linked to abundance, and Taurus is also associated with this theme. So the eclipse can evoke the idea of ​​expansion, opportunity, and abundance, even if it means letting something go. It is important to recognize that this process creates space for new inspiration, new ideas, and new possibilities.

Overall, these powerful energies at play during this eclipse create an intense time at the end of October.

Endings are inevitable, and new beginnings will slowly emerge. Transformation is inevitable, and while it may be jarring, the future promises to be bright.

The Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle has now ended, marking a time of transition and growth for us all. We have all evolved, we have all reached a higher level of consciousness than we were at the beginning of this cycle.

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