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Tarot Spread For Each Zodiac Sign For The Week From November 28 To December 4

Do you want to know what this week has in store for you? Then quickly read the Tarot layout for each zodiac sign from the grand master of Tarot Olna Lemberg!

Aries – Chariot

It’s going to be a dynamic week, perhaps small ones – or even long-term ones! – trips, movements, you may spend a lot of time on the road. But all this will somehow pay off, activity and restlessness will bear fruit, which is doubly pleasant in the last month of the year. So don’t stay too long. You need to go somewhere – agree and don’t hesitate, there are no traffic jams or congestion on your way. And if you’re planning to go get your license or buy a car, be sure to do it!

Taurus – Emperor

This week the topic of power, authority, and the responsibility that comes with it is relevant to you. Either you will directly deal with the state, with officials in high positions, or listen to the will of your father/husband, or vice versa, sit in the boss’s chair yourself and begin to manage all processes and become a guarantor of general well-being.

Gemini – 4 of Pentacles

About the same thing awaits you – only on a much smaller scale. You will have to be responsible not for the entire world and society around you, but only for your area, but in full. Your apartment, your work desk – everything depends only on you and there should be order and stability.

Cancer – 10 of Pentacles

Everything is going well for you these days; you are an important part of a large and strong structure – a family or a concern, and as long as you fulfill your duties and take your place, everything will be fine with you and around you, there will be prosperity in everything and confidence in the stability of your situation. So just leave it as it is – it stands strong.

Leo – Lovers

This week you will have some pleasant communication, and in general, all your communications and contacts will be successful and joyful. To respond to offers of meetings, pick up the phone when they call you, and take seriously any ventures in which you are involved – it’s all fair and interesting.

Virgo – Knight of Cups

A surge of romance awaits you. Flowers, music, dates, and beautiful words, so prepare your most elegant dresses and preen your feathers – there is a reason. Feel like a princess and, if you squint a little. The one who arranges all this can pass for a prince. So soar and fly in the clouds, enjoy the stop and romance, but remember – it’s just a show)

Libra – Justice

You have to put everything in proper order, put everything into copies, file it in folders, and be ready for inspections. Communication with regulatory authorities is not pleasant, of course, but it is inevitable. So let everything be tidy, clear, transparent, and honest. It’s easier that way. And in personal matters too.

Scorpio – Queen of Wands

These days you will need all your charm and charm. Feel free to use these properties of yours to achieve your goals. And no one will even understand. How did it happen, it’s like you didn’t do anything, you just smiled and they are already doing what you want. And this is your inner fire, your warmth works like that))

Sagittarius – 9 of swords

This week will be a bit difficult – the news is bad, the signs are alarming, the days are short and it gets dark early, in the sleepless hours of the night you can’t think of anything, you can’t imagine what kind of rhinestones you can imagine. Times are indeed difficult, but what’s the use of intimidating yourself? In reality, everything is not at all as terrible as you imagine. So turn on the light and banish your nightmares.

Capricorn – 4 of swords

You are going through a period of rest, perhaps forced. For a few days, pretend that you are sick with something seasonal, go into hibernation, turn off your phone and social networks – you are not here now, and let the bustle of the world go on without you for several days, and you rest and wait it out. I’m telling you for sure – they will manage without you.

Aquarius – 6 of Wands

And it was not in vain that you tried, this week you will achieve your goals, win victories, and everyone will recognize that you are the best. So you can rightfully be proud of yourself, you achieved, you managed, and you did well. Be generous to the losers, don’t kick them out of your celebration, and don’t create enemies and competitors.

Pisces – 2 of Wands

A space of growth opens up before you, space for initiatives. It’s good if you find partners and employees in this, together everything will work out better and faster, and people will grow with you, and you will support each other, which will only benefit you all and the business.

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