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The 3 Most Greedy Signs Of The Zodiac

It’s the same story with the love of money and the dislike of parting with it. All people earn and spend money differently, but there are three signs for whom reluctance to spend quite often turns into greed.


We will give honorable first place to Virgo. Virgos are not greedy, they are just homely. These are the same guys who, on the one hand, know how to earn very good money, but on the other hand, they see no reason at all to buy a new shirt when the old one is not completely worn out at the elbows. And when it wears out… That’s right, you can use it to make a completely new short-sleeved shirt. Not greed, but thrift!

Jokes aside, Virgos have natural asceticism. They are truly content with little, and for them, this is not a path of suffering and restrictions, but a normal and comfortable state of affairs. But for their loved ones it may look a little different. Virgos extend their ascetic lifestyle to their family, sincerely not understanding why they should spend money on things other than necessary. “What then?” – you ask Virgo a question. “Why spend it at all?” – Virgo will answer you.


These guys are focused on moving mountains and making sure everyone can see who exactly moved them. Professional success and career achievements for Capricorn are his whole life. But they are important not only as a demonstration of their brilliant analytical skills, hard work, ability to plan, and other excellent qualities but also as a way to earn money. Capricorns are workaholics, and this allows them to have a very good income. But precisely because money is given to them literally through bloody calluses, they do not want to part with it. Sometimes Capricorn can dream about going on an amazing vacation and that’s it… But this state does not last long for Capricorn, because the meeting is in five minutes.


Cancer isn’t exactly greedy, it’s just that it’s too family-oriented. It’s simply impossible to imagine a Cancer spending money on a fun trip when the house doesn’t have a second set of kitchen curtains and a new food processor. If Cancer lives with people for whom every day, let’s say, abundance is just as important as it is for him, no problems arise.

But if someone in the family just starts talking about how we might spend some money on something nice rather than on what we need, Cancer will immediately decide that his family hates him and doesn’t appreciate his concern for their comfortable life. Then he will withdraw into his shell, there, inside, he will quarrel with everyone, be offended by everyone, and walk around with an unhappy face for a long time. The home is his fortress, and Cancer will equip this fortress endlessly.

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