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The 6 worst flaws of the Libra zodiac sign

Libra natives are those born between September 23 and October 22.

They love freedom, so they can’t stand being tied down! They are expressive, full of imagination and always open to those around them, especially when it comes to offering a helping hand.

Libra is the 7th zodiac sign in astrology and is associated with relationships and partnerships. Ruled by Venus, Libra is one of the zodiac signs that appreciates love and beauty. It is also known to avoid confrontation and unpleasant situations.

Libra will strive for peace in all aspects of his life, from relationships to career. She is often the one who brings peace to her circle of friends, as she also wants everyone to be calm and get along. As a result, she is seen as one of the most pleasant people to be around and communicate withBut, she also has negative personality traits that can be just as harmful as her positive personality traits are. As with all signs, her flaws gradually surface. They can be so ugly that it is hard to believe that the peaceful and romantic Libra can be capable of such actions.

  • The 6 worst flaws of the Libra zodiac sign:

Libra can be selfish

Libra is one of the most generous signs. He will not hesitate to give a person what he needs, when he needs it, if it is in his power to do so. However, Libra can also be incredibly selfish. She enjoys the finer things in life and will not hesitate to ignore her charitable side to put her pleasures first.

It is one of the most superficial signs

Libra loves the beauty of life.

She will be the first to notice vivid colors in a field and appreciate the outline of a drawing. But with this love for beauty comes the obsession with beauty. This can lead to criticism, and Libra ends up avoiding people and things they don’t find beautiful.

The scale can be easily detached

Even though she is known to be one of the most sensitive signs, Libra can detach very easily. In situations where you would expect them to react with love or affection, if Libra isn’t interested in the subject, they won’t pay even the slightest attention to it.

The balance is undecided

In search of peace and maintaining balance, Libra can be extremely indecisive. He will spend minutes, sometimes even hours, thinking about the decision he has to make.

Unfortunately, due to its instability, it is very changeable. That perfect decision is traded for another decision and sometimes back to the previous decision, which can often be frustrating. 

It is one of the most vengeful signs

Libra loves peace. However, sometimes he still gets angry. This causes her to have vindictive behavior. If she feels that someone has wronged her, or worse, her suspicions are true, Libra will do everything possible to make that person pay.

Libra is obsessed with control

In her quest for peace, Libra can act like a tyrant when it comes to finding peaceful solutions to all her problems. Everyone knows that she gets angry if people don’t go along with her ideas, to the point of using her charm to manipulate the situation in her favor.

Like all zodiac signs, Libras are complex. Even though their negative personality traits are discouraging, they don’t stand out through them. In fact, their desire to remain good is so overwhelming that we rarely see their flaws. Be careful though, like any scale, Libras can tip in any direction when too much weight is put on them.

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