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The Cruelest Women – According To The Sign Of The Zodiac!

The cruelest woman – according to the sign of the zodiac! People tend to show cruelty and selfishness under the pressure of external circumstances. Enemies or unpleasant situations can shake the inner balance of each person. And fair sex can be especially dangerous and cruel in a fit of anger.

Leading astrologers are convinced that the date of birth can be the main reason for a person’s inherent cruelty or, conversely, its absence. You will learn about the most cruel female zodiac signs in this article.

The cruelest women – by Zodiac sign:


For many people, fish is directly associated with dreaminess, vulnerability, and lightness. But this did not stop them from taking 3rd place at the top of the cruelest signs of the zodiac. Pisces are quite contradictory natures. On the one hand, they do not like conflicts, and they strive to avoid them in every possible way.

But at the same time, they are extremely naive and believe every word, which causes them to step on the same rake again and again. By nature, Pisces women are melancholic but repeated disappointments in people turn them into capricious and rude personalities.

In this way, they just want to protect themselves from the pain that they can cause them again. It is typical for them to harbor a grudge for a long time, but at one fine moment, internal grievances come out, and it’s just not know what the fish are capable of.

The fair sex, born under this zodiac sign, can poison the life of anyone if they wish. At first they “drown” themselves, but soon they will surely pull the enemy along with them. It is noteworthy that fish have their own, distorted, worldview. It is likely that their “enemy” is not even to blame for anything.


Representatives of the eighth sign are known as attractive, bright personalities with difficult characters and iron willpower. It is typical for them to go to extremes: to love – until they lose their pulse, to hate – with all their hearts. There is a stereotype in society that scorpions can pounce on a person without serious reason, but this is not at all the case.

Scorpio is a water sign, which will make its representatives overly emotional and sometimes eccentric. If desired, a Scorpio woman can take revenge as subtly as possible, but this is not enough for her. Behind the external composure and independence lies a vulnerable and sensitive nature that wants to be understood.

They are afraid that, having noticed their inner resentment and vulnerability, enemies will take advantage of this and turn their weakness against scorpions. Under the hot hand of women born under this sign, even the closest people who are not guilty of anything often fall. This is because scorpions have their truth and they do not intend to revise their views to please others.

If it so happened that someone became the cause of the frustration of the scorpion woman, then the offender should be prepared for a retaliatory strike. Representatives of this sign will hit on the most painful places, they use the weaknesses of the enemy against him. That is, they will do what they are so afraid that someone will do to them. It is very difficult to negotiate with them. This is one case where an apology won’t be enough. A scorpion woman will calm down only when she quenches her thirst for revenge.


Representatives of the tenth sign took the honorable first place. Their strength is not that they will weave intrigues behind the back of the enemy and come up with a sophisticated plan for revenge. Also, they will never become hysterical in front of the offender, thereby preventing him from feeling superior to himself.

Their main trump card is the ability to control their emotions. It is not typical for them to succumb to emotional impulses. In society, they are called the “iron lady”.

Capricorn women will never break down due to intrigues from ill-wishers. The earth sign is characterized by endurance and steadfastness, which distinguishes it from most other signs that are deprived of these qualities. The concept of “cold calculation” is not alien to them, they do not like to talk about trifles. For Scorpios, the main thing is their own goals and ambitions.

Capricorns don’t waste their time thinking about enemies and ways to get revenge. They consider them unworthy of it. Such a woman will easily go over the heads if the situation requires it.

Some astrologers also rank Sagittarius, Cancer, and Aries among the cruel signs, considering them capable of tough revenge and cold calculation.

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