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The Funniest And Most Positive Zodiac Signs. You Won’t Get Bored With Them!

Some signs of the Zodiac simply cannot live a day without jokes, for them, it is a style of communication, and without humor, life becomes boring and faceless. Find out which of the zodiac signs are the funniest and most positive!


Don’t put your finger in your mouth with these guys – they’ll bite off. They like to joke for any reason and no reason because the mind is flexible, the tongue is sharp, the nose is upturned, and the character – you know, is cheerful.

They like jokes about roads (“fools and roads”), about cars (“600 Mercedes and a new Cossack from repair”), and about everything that moves … When it’s funny, they will laugh, first at the narrator, and then at everyone who didn’t get it.

If the joke is stupid, others will laugh, but he won’t. Everyone will think – a joke about him, and they will start laughing even louder, but he is not … He will laugh last when everyone leaves. Amazed by their stupidity and their intelligence.


Virgo loves to have a good joke. Especially in science. They like it when their jokes cause an explosion of laughter. Thus, they increase their self-esteem.

They like to tell jokes with unthinkable details, dwelling on worthless details and often return to the beginning of the joke to remember what it is about … As a result, patient listeners will finish the joke themselves, shortening its length, and impatient listeners laugh from the very beginning. They can be understood. But the joke – never!


Capricorn is still that Joker. His jokes are on fire! He can remember any good joke and retell it with pleasure.

He is a master at telling jokes. It comes out very light and artistic. His facial expressions and gestures are unique. Capricorn’s jokes are a real pleasure for true connoisseurs of humor!


Aquarians love to joke intellectually, and they love good and original jokes.

Fantasy humor is welcomed, where good punishes evil and friendship conquers all. For example, jokes about 4 musketeers. You can also talk about flying saucers and stupid humanoids. While they are not, you can laugh.

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