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The Karmic Destiny Of All 12 Signs Of The Zodiac

The karmic destiny of all 12 signs of the zodiac. Find yours. One morning, the Creator saw his 12 children arguing. They tried to find out how they differ from each other. Suddenly, he had a desire to endow them with unique qualities. One by one, he called them to him to present his divine gift. The karmic destiny of all 12 signs of the zodiac:

1. You, Aries, were born first, and you will be given the ability to lead.

You will be the first to generate an idea and bring it to the human mind. But you do not have to do it yourself, your life is an action, and your sure goal is to find someone who can embody your ideas better than you.

2. You, Taurus, have the power to grow a tree from a seed. Your work is excellent and requires patience. 

You will not deviate from your destiny, otherwise, the seeds will be scattered to the wind. You will never lose your will, change your mind in the middle of the road, and will not depend on others. I give you power, use it wisely!

3. You, Gemini, do not leave a single question unanswered, and you can show everyone what a person sees and feels inside himself.

You will never know how you do it, but as you search for the deeper meaning of life, you will discover my gift: knowledge.

4. You, Cancer, can teach people what emotion is. You will burst into laughter or tears; and all this will awaken in people compassion, gratitude, and joy of the soul.

For this, you will receive a family that you can multiply.

5. You, Leo, must show the whole world what success is. But do not become proud, because this is My work, and the Creator is unique.

If you forget about it, people will despise you. That’s why you need the nobility that I bestow on you.

6. You, strict Virgo, are given to structure everything that a person has created. You will do your job, and I can achieve perfection with the help of you.

For this, you will receive purity of thought.

7. You, Libra, have a mission to help people be aware of their responsibilities towards others. 

In this way, you will teach them to live with a sense of brotherhood and acquire the skills to understand the consequences of their actions. For your endless desire to restore order and tranquility to others, I will give you love.

8. You, Scorpio, have a very difficult task. You will be given the skill of penetrating people’s minds, but you will not be able to talk about it.

You will often feel bitter about the imperfections of others. It will bring you closer to Me and you will never forget how I feel looking at you. You will fight against your instincts, but in return, you will receive the highest gift of judgment.

9. You, Sagittarius, can make people laugh. Your humor will give them hope.

You will pass many trials and receive the gift of infinite abundance, which you will spread everywhere, radiating light.

10. From you, Capricorn, I want blood and sweat, because you have to teach people to work. 

Your mission is not easy, because you will bear on your shoulders all the work of people. But because of your burden, I put on you all the responsibility of a man, and I reward you for your work.

11. You, Aquarius, are the seer of mankind, your gaze reveals all the magnificent possibilities.

But you will experience all the pain of loneliness because this vision will not allow you to live mundanely. But on the other hand, you will receive the gift of freedom and inspiration, and you will serve humanity, receiving recognition for this.

12. You, Pisces, have the hardest mission of all. I ask you to bear all the suffering of man on your shoulders. 

Your tears must be My tears. This pain is the fruit of a misunderstanding of My Ode, but you exist to bring compassion to man. That’s why I offer you the most precious gift: you will be the only person who will understand me.

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