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Today’s Horoscope 8th June 2023


This Thursday, for your Fire sign, an advantageous disposition of the night star is underway. You will appear smarter than usual! It’s the right time to propose your thoughts on a little problem that has often intrigued you, and that you can solve yourself.


A disharmonious Moon position is underway for Taurus today. You are being too cautious in a subject that could see you in far more protagonists. Are you sure that in this period you are able to notice when people are concretely interested in you?


The nocturnal star is in harmonic aspect to your air sign today. You will be able to face all situations with a wisdom that almost everyone admires. Beware of the jealousy of a person who can’t get your results alone and tries to steal yours.


This Thursday, your patron star passes through the Field of reorganization, for your sign of Water… You are more perspicacious than at the beginning of the week. You can understand many things that you missed a bit last week, at work and at home.


Today, our satellite is in an uncomfortable disposition for Leo… You are quite rigid in your way of dealing with those who could actually give you a different way of interpreting things. If you learn to listen, you may receive new and profitable ideas for your professional life.


On this day, the Moon is always in the field of passion, for you Virgo… A period continues in which you know how to do things very well and you are recognized by colleagues and bosses as superior players to others. Why don’t you start asking for recognition?


This Thursday, for Libra, a harmonious arrangement of our satellite continues… You are very original, with your ideas. Why don’t you start thinking about a different way to spend next weekend? You will know how to invent something different and beautiful.


Today, there is an uncomfortable position of the Moon for your Water sign… Someone, at work, will consider you contemptuous and won’t want to have too much to do with you. Try to show a more democratic side of your character, if you don’t want to feel alone…


On the favorable day for your sign, a pleasant transit of the Moon continues, for you of Sagittarius. The resumption of daily life finds you protagonists of episodes in which you can show that you are very wise. Someone who has to make a decision will trust you.


The people closest to you will love your original, almost eccentric ideas. The night star is in the second house, for you Capricorns, on this day… There will be a new way to relate with people, who will appreciate your way of thinking and will reward it.


There’s a cheerful conjunction of the Moon for you Aquarius this Thursday… It’s a time when you can do everything by yourself. Your independence is valued by someone you like and who likes people with strong personalities. Show him what you can do.


Don’t let anyone piss you off. There is no person who deserves to make you anxious or even panic. On a favorable day for your sign, the Moon is, for Pisces, in the house of secret enemies… You have to preserve your nerves, and it all begins by ignoring the controversies.

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