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The lies that each zodiac sign tells most often. Leos do not admit when they are in love

Studies show that, on average, we tell one or two lies a day.

Gemini natives lie about their past. They don’t want people to judge them for the things they did when they were young and foolish. Also, they have the habit of embellishing each incident a little to make it more interesting.


Cancer people have a habit of lying to protect the feelings of their loved ones. They will not admit the truth when their opinion is asked, just so as not to make those close to them suffer.


Leo natives have a habit of lying when it comes to the people they have a passion for. They will not admit that they are in love until they make sure that the other person feels the same. They hate being rejected and pretend to be indifferent to a person they secretly admire.


Virgos often lie about their experience. They claim to know much more than they actually do because they are afraid of being judged.


Libra natives can lie about their state of mind. They behave as if there is no problem even when they are depressed or have serious problems.


Scorpios have a habit of lying about trusting themselves. They often pretend that nothing bothers them, but secretly they are very sensitive people.


Sagittarius natives have a habit of lying about their free time. They often claim that they had a much better time and lived unique experiences in their free time, even if it is not always so. They want people to see them as adventurers always having fun.


Capricorns lie about their schedule. They act as if they are extremely busy just to avoid some meetings or social obligations.


Aquarius people lie about their financial situation. They act as if everything is fine even when they have serious money problems. They don’t want people to care or pity them.


Pisces natives lie about their love life. They prefer to imitate happiness in the relationship so that those around them do not give them unwanted advice or cry for pity.

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