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The Most Obstinate And Impregnable Women According To The Sign Of The Zodiac

Find out who they are, and who is the most difficult to “pick up”! It can be quite difficult to attract the attention of a woman and seduce her, especially if they are representatives of several zodiac signs, which we will talk about today. Even if a man is incredibly charismatic and handsome, it is not at all necessary that a woman will quickly succumb to his charm.

Who are these obstinate and impregnable women according to the sign of the Zodiac? Who is so incredibly difficult to charm and seduce? Who is quite demanding of a partner? Find out by reading our top obstinate women by zodiac sign!

Stubborn Pisces Women

Pisces proudly take an honorable third place. They are obstinate and impregnable, and it can be very difficult to win their favor.

You can seduce such a woman only when she wants it. Such women themselves choose with whom and when to enter into a relationship. It is extremely difficult to obscure them with beautiful and flattering speeches.

Pisces skillfully know how to manipulate a partner, and sometimes they even like to play with a man before transferring him to the category of a loved one.  They are not as simple and dreamy as they seem. Pisces women are quite demanding and selective when choosing a partner. They tend to keep men at some distance.

Stubborn Leo Women

The Leo woman is gorgeous and regal. She is not accustomed to succumbing to the first comer, she needs to be conquered. Show the generosity of the soul and the seriousness of their intentions.

They are obstinate and delightful. They are used to attracting the attention of the opposite sex and are confident in their superiority.

A man who wants to charm a Lioness will have to work hard. The ladies of this sign are very proud natures and appreciate beautiful courtship and respect for their person. Do not take them with arrogance. Lionesses, though obstinate, can still be conquered. It’s just worth the effort.


Women under this zodiac sign are the most obstinate and impregnable. They are in no hurry to bind themselves with a serious relationship, and even more so with marriage. Their chosen one must be special, and meet several requirements.

This is because Capricorn is very difficult to please. It is common for a woman of this Zodiac to first make a career, achieve something in life, and then switch to married life. Material wealth is very important to her, and paradise in a hut with her beloved is not for her. What are you speaking about?

Capricorn women have very high requirements for a potential chosen one, and for this reason, they deservedly take first place in our top. They are the most obstinate women according to the sign of the zodiac.

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