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The Most Selfish And Egocentric Signs & Laughing Is The Best Medicine. These Are The Most Humorous Signs

The world revolves around you! These signs are deeply selfish and individualistic. Get to know the top 3 of the most selfish and egocentric signs.

We are not all the same and there are people more focused on themselves and with little capacity to share protagonism. They are selfish and narcissistic people who always put themselves first.

This does not mean that they are bad people or that others are indifferent to them. They simply tend to think of themselves first and then others. They are not always easy to deal with, but signs can help explain this a bit.

The world revolves around you! The most selfish and egocentric signs


Taurus natives tend to have a certain superiority complex over others. Let’s say they think highly of themselves and think they’re very smart and capable of doing almost anything.

For all of this, Taurus tends to intimidate others and generate little empathy, as they end up being always too focused on themselves and little on others. If they are very happy, they are capable of being absolutely indifferent to the suffering of others.


The fetish object of the natives of Leo is the mirror and this says a lot about this sign that lives in the function of itself and its reflection. You tend to approach people out of interest and dismiss those same people as soon as you feel they are no longer useful to you.

Leo’s self-centeredness is quite evident in his daily behaviors and attitudes since he is only interested in situations in which he perceives that he will manage to have some kind of protagonism or evidence.


Capricorns have a big ego and this makes them feel deserving of all the praise and recognition. Wise and charming people react badly when someone is not enchanted by their gifts and charms. If they feel undervalued, overlooked, or ignored, they can be very vindictive.

Laughing is the best medicine. These are the most humorous signs

There are signs with an excellent sense of humor and as laughing is the best medicine, get to know the most humorous signs.

It is customary to say that “laughing is the best medicine” and, in fact, a good mood can do a lot for our health and help us to face even the most difficult moments of everyday life.

Of course, not all of us have the same sense of humor and, therefore, we can consider that there are signs that are especially good-humored and that are able to use this humor not only to face challenges but to amuse everyone who is in their mood. return. Get to know them.

Laughing is the best medicine. These are the most humorous signs


Naturally good-natured, natives of this sign are naturally fun. Funny by nature, they cause laughter with ease and create a good atmosphere in the most varied spaces and places they pass through. Even unintentionally, they end up causing laughter in others, through the deconstructed and haunted way they see the world around them.


The natives of Leo know how to make others laugh and are happy to do so. This is a way to achieve the prominence that they also like to have. The Lion only needs a stage or a prominent place to put his unique and refined sense of humor at the service of all. With no shame or shyness, the Lion is capable of being the star of a get-together with friends, where everyone will end up laughing a lot!


Virgo natives are smart-humored and have a great sense of timing whenever they decide to share a joke. It may not be humor understood by everyone, but it is characterized by making the right observation at the right time. Their jokes can be a little chaotic and generate some excitement, but they are definitely a good company on a tougher day.


The natives of Sagittarius don’t have “jokes” and, therefore, they don’t shy away from making any jokes, even the most inconvenient ones. Therefore, they have a sense of humor that knows no limits and that can even be quite inopportune. This lack of filter may be appreciated by some, but not so appreciated by others. His sense of humor is extremely direct and honest, much like a Sagittarius.

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