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What Gemstone Your Zodiac Sign Should Wear: 12 Jewels Perfect for You

Do you dream of a jewel that shines like a star on your wrist or around your neck, but which at the same time represents you as faithfully as your own life choices? Do you long for ornaments that are not only irresistibly beautiful but also a perfection of your personality?

Then choose jewelry according to your zodiac sign, which you understand and which in turn understands you. We have the best suggestions in the lines below: find out which precious stone represents you and see which accessory will sparkle only and only for your sign!

Tell us what zodiac sign you are and we’ll tell you what jewelry to wear!

Gemstones can be of mineral or organic origin, but what they all have in common is their lively vibration, the distinct emotion with which they are charged.

Since ancient times, gemstones have protected, brought good luck, or enhanced certain qualities of their wearers.

Aries – Garnet

Reflecting the fiery color characteristic of the fire sign, garnet is considered one of the most powerful gemstones, and who could be better suited than the fiercest sign? Full of energy, symbolizing strength, endurance, popularity, and self-confidence, this stone is the ideal companion for an Aries.

Bursting with color and vitality like your soul, the Silver Amethyst, Citrine, Garnet, and Tourmaline Brooch will proudly adorn the shirts, jackets, and coats of our beautiful “Aries”.

Plated with ruthenium and 14-karat white gold, the jewel will reflect all that is deepest in your heart.

Taurus – Sapphire

Perpetuating royalty and romance, reverberating with love, truth, and trust, sapphire is one of the rarest gemstones. Among his most cherished values ​​are sincerity, peace, joy, and wisdom, exactly attributes in which the steadfast Taurus is also found.

How about a Silver Sapphire and Green Agate Ring? The ruthenium and 14-karat yellow gold plated jewelry will satisfy the native’s thirst for beauty! Faceted stones draw all eyes, and the gentle glow of this ring will calm any trace of anxiety or sadness, states that can disturb even the calm of this powerful sign.Gemini – Pearl

The complex and sophisticated nature of Gemini could not be better represented than by one of the most powerful gemstones. Bringing love, tranquility, purity, peace, harmony, and understanding, pearls are the most faithful ally of this sign.

Silver earrings with pearl, peridot, and topaz become that adornment that will faithfully reflect your personality and dreams. They are colored in sunny and bright yellow tones, one of the representative shades for you. Plated with ruthenium and 14-karat yellow gold, earrings from Accent Bijuterii are waiting to bring you back together.


Cancer – Labradorite

Symbolizing fantasy and creativity, some of the weapons you use to deal with life’s troubles, Labradorite was created, according to legend, from the lights of the Aurora Borealis, trapped in rocks along the Labrador Peninsula. We brought this myth up because we know how much you love stories, one more reason to opt for labradorite jewelry.

Relieving negative moods, and calming anxiety, and depression, this semi-precious stone will wink at you Labradorite, Amethyst, Opal, and Rhodolite Silver Pendant. Entrust your sacred heart to this special jewelry, plated with ruthenium and 14-karat rose gold, which will make your life more beautiful and your soul purer.


Leo – Citrine

Bringing prosperity, luck, and abundance, emphasizing sunlight, and emanating happiness through every pore, citrine perfectly defines the sign of Leo. The stone contributes to detoxification and heals the body, being a precious ally of the temperament of the zodiac sign, a crown worthy of a queen.

The silver opal, topaz, quartz, peridot, and the citrine brooch is an adornment that will do justice to your unique personality. At Accent Jewelry, you’ll find it plated with ruthenium and 14-karat yellow gold, worthy of accompanying you on your glittering journey through life. You will make a great duo!


Virgo – Quartz

Stone of the heart, crystal of unconditional love, bringer of peace, compassion, and sensitivity, quartz is the stone that perfectly defines the intimate essence of a Virgo. Inheriting sweet, feminine energy, but also encapsulating the daily pursuit of spiritual ideals, this stone will complete you.

Shine as you stride confidently through life with the Silver Amethyst, Green Quartz, and Peridot Bracelet. The jewelry is downright gorgeous, complimenting your fashionista nature and easily turning into that piece of jewelry you won’t want to part with.


Libra – Peridot

The stone of light and beauty, full of friendly energy, also called the “emerald of the evenings”, peridot perfectly reflects the strengths of your personality and helps you fight against your weaknesses. It brings calm, peace, and wisdom, and puts an end to conflicts and aggression, thus resonating perfectly with your philosophy of life.

An aesthetically gifted nature like yours will love Citrine, Peridot, and Diopside Silver Earrings. They are plated with ruthenium and 14-karat yellow gold and will adorn those fancy, flawless outfits that only you, with your flair, can pull off.


Scorpio –  Tourmaline

Legends say that on its journey to earth, falling from the sky, tourmaline collected all the colors of the rainbow; a stone with such a rich “personal” history could only be given to a prominent native such as yourself. Considered the “stone of the muses” and reflecting the vision, creativity, inspiration, and artistic nature, tourmaline tends to shine on all the jewelry close to your heart.

You will love the Amethyst, Pink Tourmaline, and Garnet Pendant that will shine lovingly around your neck. It is plated with ruthenium and 14-karat yellow gold, it is powerful and vibrant, and it is worthy to accompany you on your journey to perfection. Only your magical aura can compete with such a sparkle.


Sagittarius – Topaz

Of particular clarity, combined with the multitude of colors in which this stone is present, topaz intensifies female beauty and fertility. It will make you even more attractive than you already are, can curb your appetites, keep you away from danger, and controls your inclination to greed.

Combine a topaz stone with the seraphic sparkles of silver and you’ll have the perfect gem for a Sagittarius. The ring with labradorite, topaz, peridot, and chrome diopside manages to perfectly reiterate these characteristics and make them a reality. Crafted from silver and plated with ruthenium and 14-karat yellow gold, the ring will sparkle on your finger and “dress” your sparkling personality in an aura of brilliance.


Capricorn – Black opal

Opal stones are said to be no two alike, a statement that can also be made about your zodiac sign. Unique as DNA, opal is part of the select category of gemstones, denoting as much sophistication and elegance as you. The stone emphasizes stability and loyalty, values ​​that you also value, so we can conclude that it understands you perfectly.

Silver earrings with opal and chrome diopside, plated with ruthenium and 14-karat yellow gold, will highlight your beauty so masterfully. They attach to the ear with the closed back rods and will dance sophisticatedly in your ear, proud to keep you company.


Aquarius – Rhodolite

A stone of love, compassion, and kindness, rhodolite is a variety of garnet that appeals to Aquarius as a trusted friend. It can enhance one’s sense of self-worth and reduce the feeling of “misfit” and alienation that this sign with a fascinating personality can sometimes feel.

You are one of a kind, and the rubiziosite, diopside, and rhodolite pendant understands better than anyone that there is no one else like you. It will know how to capitalize on your beauty, protect you and make you happy without asking for anything in return: only the characteristic stone of your sign could be capable of such generosity.


Pisces – Amethyst

Emphasizing the quintessential Christian virtues, denoting spiritual clarity and wisdom, marking the relinquishment of ego, pride, and self-pleasure for sacrifice, submission to divinity, and the embrace of selflessness and humility, amethyst heals and loves purely and unconditionally, just like you.

Choose the silver bracelet with amethyst and rhodolite and you will understand why they say that precious stones have souls. Made of ruthenium-plated silver and 14-karat yellow gold, the jewel will sparkle faithfully on your wrist. Wear it to parties, meetings, when you’re aiming for that promotion, or simply when you want to be at peace with yourself.

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