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The New Moon In Scorpio On November 13, 2023 Marks A Decisive Turning Point

This Monday the 13th, the Moon enters the sign of Scorpio to release passions and awaken our desire for change. This is what the New Moon in November 2023 will look like.

This is one of the most unmissable events in astrology. Each month, the Moon seems to disappear in the sky, it “goes out” to spread its powers more widely. Called the “ New Moon ”, this phase should be taken as an invitation to rethink everything. We take stock, we slow down, we take time for ourselves and we set new goals. You are not yet a follower of New Moon rituals and do not know what can happen. No problem. We cover the basics through this little practical guide.


To find out when the next New Moon will take place, there is nothing better than consulting a lunar calendar. Like ephemeris, this diary lists all the most important appointments. This Monday, November 13, 2023, the New Moon comes to Scorpio. At 10:29 a.m. precisely, the star will broadcast its full powers. “This lunation speaks of the dark parts of the human being: self-destruction, morals, taboos and everything likely to repel you or make you angry”, specifies Shana Lyès in her diary “A Year with my stars” (First editions).

However, is this a New Moon that we should be afraid of and which does not bode well? The answer is no. Born under the protection of Pluto, god of the Underworld and star of transformation, Scorpio is the sign that pushes us to empty our minds and shed our fears. When the New Moon enters your sign, “it’s time to do a major inner cleansing and purify both your thoughts, but also your home,” emphasizes Shana Lyès. Even more: “This dark energy invites you to face your dark sides to cross them and move towards the light. » In other words, this Monday, November 13, we reset the counters, we sort things out and we drive a renewal that nothing and no one can stop.


Scorpio, in a good Water sign, has a magnetic power, a sixth sense, a flair, and an intuition that never deceives him. The Moon is the star of feelings, dreams, imagination, and the cradle of our emotions. The New Moon in Scorpio increases our sensitivity tenfold. We will be on edge, more able to listen to what our heart is trying to tell us. This Monday, the sky invites us to let go. Scorpio advises us to detach ourselves from what prevents us from moving forward. We free ourselves from certain blockages and make peace with our wounds. If the energies promise to be intense, they will be even more intense in 2023 than usual.

In conjunction with Mars, the planet of action, the New Moon in Scorpio pushes us to (re)take charge of our lives. There is no longer any question of hesitating or doubting. The stars combine their forces to make us aware of everything that needs to change. Strong emotions can resurface. This can leave room for impulses, spontaneity, and whims. You will therefore have to be careful not to let yourself be carried away by stress or anger. The idea is simple: you have to act quickly, but well. By listening to yourself, taking care of yourself, and being careful not to push yourself away. Scorpio seeks to make us understand that it is also sometimes good to make mistakes to evolve. It soothes our souls, showing us how important it is not to put up barriers and not to be too demanding of ourselves.

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