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The Next 5 Days Will Be Difficult For These Zodiac Signs

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Which 3 zodiac signs will face a tough time until March 12, 2023?

The glow of the Virgo Full Moon on March 7, 2023, reveals both our dark and light sides, sometimes sparking the urge to explore feelings buried deep within our souls! The pressure we feel in our daily lives can seem insurmountable, between work, family, social relationships, and personal aspirations. This period is conducive to good news for some, but can also be a source of disappointment for others. That said, if you want to avoid complications, it would be very wise to stay on your toes and stay away from any sources of trouble, at least until March 12!


With the arrival of the Full Moon in Virgo, you could feel negative influences that will be felt insistently. The planetary energies of the moment are likely to cause feelings of anger and disappointment. Dear natives of the sign of Gemini, at least until March 12, you are likely to feel restless and depressed. And for good reason? Problems at work or in your couple could make you see all the colors. If you were born under the constellation of Gemini, prepare yourself psychologically to face difficulties and obstacles, especially in your personal and professional life. Your partner is very likely to feel neglected and frustrated if he manages to notice your absence! During this week, the stars advise you to exercise caution and avoid lying or divulging angry secrets, as this could undermine the foundations of your romantic relationship. If you want to make revelations, wait a little longer! As for money matters, you will likely be faced with unforeseen expenses. Unfortunately, with these reckless purchases, you risk being in the red. It’s not a good time for you, even financially. So try to save as much as possible to avoid getting into debt!


This week promises to be somewhat complicated for you, natives of the sign of Virgo. You might be faced with some rather awkward situations where jealousy takes over rationality. This is why astrologers advise you not to trust your friends, especially those who are close to your partner. Is it a betrayal of love or friendship? Attention! Your destiny is about to play tricks on you… In any case, the week will be quite hectic to the point that it will require you to show a lot of strength and patience. Be on the lookout, you will undoubtedly receive many signals from the planets that will encourage you not to try to fix something broken. Would it be for your good? So take your time to think things through and to question your troubling thoughts. However, don’t be so worried, because the stars promise you revenge and rebirth from April. Indeed, the New Moon in Aries, from April 1st, could reserve you very pleasant surprises. In the meantime, know that it’s completely normal for you to have trouble controlling your emotions. That said, don’t forget that communicating could save you a lot of trouble.


Dear natives of the Scorpio sign, you may be going through a somewhat delicate period in the coming days! When faced with complicated situations with your loved ones, you might feel alone and abandoned. This feeling of stress and anxiety is because you have recently lied or hidden certain things. Your situation is certainly not at the top, but do not lose hope, the stars advise you to be honest and apologize to try to fix things more rationally. While this bad luck might continue to dog you for some time, it’s important to stay strong and persevere, as the New Moon in Aries on April 1 heralds rebirth in nearly every aspect of your life. Natives of the Water element, take the time to refocus and think about what you want to accomplish in your life, and be ready to question yourself if necessary! Keep in mind that better days are ahead for you, and this difficult time won’t last forever.

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