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The Two Most Powerful Zodiac Signs Among Women And Men, According To An Astrologer

They told us which two signs have an advantage in vitality and enviable resistance to stress.

Many people often argue about which is the strongest zodiac sign. Fortunately, astrology distinguishes among the 12 representatives individual lucky ones who were lucky enough to be born under a powerful constellation. Moreover, each sign certainly influences the human personality: it sets the character and life principles of its ward. But someone was a little luckier. We asked an expert astrologer which two zodiac signs in the horoscope have the greatest power among men and women: they gave a short astrological forecast for them.

The strongest zodiac sign among women

There are several strong constellations among women, for example, Leo, and Aries, but the strongest among the zodiac signs is still Scorpio. Such women have traits and characteristics in their character that set them apart from their competitors.

general characteristics

Scorpio women are distinguished by their strong-willed and decisive character. They easily overcome difficulties and never give in to life’s adversities. This is because Scorpios are confident in themselves: sometimes this quality borders on self-confidence. The inner core of the representatives of the sign allows them not to bend under the blows of fate. Even if they suffer a crushing defeat, they will be “reborn from the ashes” and continue on their way as if nothing had happened.

What is the strength of Scorpio women?

Born under the constellation Scorpio, she knows how to set goals and achieve her plans; along the way, such a woman crushes all the obstacles that arise: nothing can slow her down and reduce her influence on others. If Scorpio has started any business, she will never turn back: such a lady will make every effort to get what she wants. Including, he will not hesitate to go over his head or show deceit.

The Scorpio woman rarely finds herself on the sidelines of life, because she knows how to quickly adapt to current conditions. And without nervousness or doubt: they accept the new rules of the game as if they had invented it themselves. Not all zodiac signs can boast of this. Even such strong zodiac signs as Aries and Leo are inferior to Scorpios: their vulnerability lies in their instability to stress and negativity.

Scorpios know how to avoid such emotions. Perhaps, for this reason, representatives of the sign often choose professions associated with risk. This could be military affairs, law enforcement service, or journalism.

Let’s summarize. Scorpio is the most powerful female sign. Women of this constellation are created to command and control other people. They know how to lead a crowd, make difficult decisions, and maintain a sober mind in a general panic. Sometimes they are considered too cold-blooded and calculating, but this sign uses even these qualities to their advantage.

The most powerful sign among men

The strongest zodiac sign, according to astrologers, among men is Capricorn. Representatives of this constellation are superior to hot-tempered and emotional Aries and arrogant Leo (they are among the top three this time too).

general characteristics

Slow and thorough, Capricorns can win any battle thanks to consistency, composure, and determination. Not least important in their character is high intelligence: natural knowledge and desire for self-development help Capricorns achieve success in various fields.

Men of this sign are laconic and cautious. They say about such people: “A man of action,” because Capricorns do not throw words to the wind and do not “feed them with promises.”For them, such behavior is beneath their dignity. Representatives of the constellation adhere to a different tactic in life: they, like no one else, know how to calculate risks and wait for the right moment. Where others may be led by emotions and do stupid things, Capricorns will be restrained and reasonable.

What is the strength of a Capricorn man?

Those born under the constellation Capricorn can beat and surpass other signs of the zodiac due to their integrity and equanimity. Many categorical representatives of the sign command respect for their devotion to their principles: it is almost impossible to knock the ground out of Capricorns’ feet.

Capricorns also strive for power and are ready to use any tools to gain power. But unlike Scorpio women, they will strengthen their methods not with cunning and cunning, but with self-control, clear planning, and the absence of impulsive decisions.

It may seem that Capricorns are some kind of bulletproof robot. But that’s not true. Despite their restraint, representatives of the sign are not strangers to awe and care towards loved ones. Moreover, the true strength of Capricorn is revealed in the ability to lend a shoulder at the right moment and become an indestructible support for family and friends. No matter what happens, Capricorn will always support and take on some of the problems. Next to such a man, women can feel like fragile and gentle princesses next to a knight without fear or reproach.

Let’s summarize. Capricorns are often accused of being cynical and insensitive, but they only show these qualities when they need to get their way. In a normal situation, representatives of the sign behave collectedly and confidently, but not cruelly. Enviable psychological endurance helps them withstand loads. They can only share their experiences with those they trust a million percent. Such men have few friends: mostly they are comrades with whom they communicate from school or university years.

In astrology there is not only black and only white; it is full of halftones. The interpretation of the characteristics of the same astrological sign differs among different people due to the full date of birth (day, month, year, and time). The ascendant also influences – it’s like a second zodiac that everyone has. To get a complete picture, you need a lot more introductory information, but speaking briefly, Scorpio women and Capricorn men lead the list of the strongest.

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