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The Waning Moon Of March 2023 Will Bring Serious Trouble For These Zodiac Signs

Which three zodiac signs will be tormented by the austere energy of the March-waning Moon?

When the storm blows too hard, it is better to lower your head and face it in silence. This is how three signs of the zodiac will have to adopt this attitude in the coming days. Are you concerned? It’s time to find out!


Taurus friends, we inform you from the outset, you will have to arm yourself with patience to face the austerity of the waning Moon of March! In addition, Taurus is known for its patience, which allows them to hold its own in the face of bad weather. Nevertheless, the waning Moon will coincide with an excess of stress that they will find it difficult to fully evacuate. This accumulation of repressed emotions will come to the surface and sooner or later they will have to face it. This is why the universe advises them to remain calm and above all not to make any hasty decisions motivated by a feeling of anger. At the same time, they will have to avoid any discussion related to their torments, with those around them or their partner. This will only make the situation worse. They won’t regain control of the situation until after March 20. From then on, things will be back to normal and karma will reward you for your faith and patience. Dear Bulls, don’t let go!


Dear Leo, the best thing you could do once the March Moon wanes is to embrace your plenitude! We know that you greatly appreciate life, even if your daily life is made up of ups and downs. Indeed,  periods of less well for you allow you to give meaning to your existence. They make you stronger and more immune over time. No matter the turbulent times, you will always find a way to stay positive. Wouldn’t this be the inner strength that allows you to tame your demons? Impressive! Your motto throughout this period:  “It is better to put things into perspective than to cry over your fate“, all is said! Yes, it will be complicated from a personal and professional point of view, but don’t panic, everything comes at the right time to who knows how to wait!


For you “hard workers”, the universe advises you to let go and not take everything as a task to accomplish. That said, don’t set yourself incredibly high goals. We know that you are more in restraint and discipline, however, it will do you good to deviate from these principles when the March Moon is waning. Your serenity and plenitude will be put to the test in the coming daysMeditation will be your best ally to avoid getting lost in a whirlwind of negative emotions during this period. Another important thing: take care of your health! Evil tends to eat away at the soul and weaken the spirit. Arm yourself with faith in this case and everything will be fine, I promise!

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