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These 5 Zodiac Signs Are At Risk Of Breaking Up With Their Partners In 2024

In 2024, expect significant developments in romantic relationships, influenced by the position of the lunar nodes in Aries and Libra. The year’s eclipses will focus on changes in marriages. A new cycle influenced by Mars and Venus begins in February, heralding a period of renewal in relationships. Marriages that aren’t happy could experience major changes in the next couple of years.

Which zodiac signs are at risk of breaking up with their partner in 2024?


During the eclipse period from March 25 to April 8 and from September 18 to October 17, many Aries natives will reconsider their marriage. In the spring, Aries’ decisions will be guided by the review of their plans. Mercury retrograde in April 2024 will cause natives of this sign to question their partner’s compatibility with their vision of a happy future. It’s important to take the time to seriously think about long-term marriage aspirations.


Gemini, in June 2024, Jupiter enters your sign, bringing new opportunities in love, including possible romance in April and May. A secret admirer might appear! For the newlyweds, the temptation could strengthen at the end of June with the arrival of the Black Moon in your love sector. A divorce could even be considered by the end of 2024. Listen to your emotions, but also be aware of the consequences of your choices.


Dear natives of the Virgo sign, September 18 marks the beginning of the first eclipse in Pisces, which will last until winter 2027. From fall 2024, prepare for transformations in your romantic relationships, with a separation of superficial or no-future connections. Prepare to meet serious partners, especially with Saturn influencing your relationship sector until April 2026. This is the time to opt for more stable and mature relationships.


For Libra natives, serious relational challenges are to be expected from the end of June, with the entry of the Black Moon into your sign. Complicated love affairs may arise, and betrayal could lead to divorce. September 2024 promises to be particularly challenging, with the Black Moon influencing Venus, the ruling planet of Libra. This could force difficult marriage decisions. It’s important to expect a turbulent time ahead and to think seriously about loyalty and commitment in your romantic relationships.


Sagittarius, in 2024 you might fall in love to the point of deciding to divorce for a completely new person who will enter your life unexpectedly. It all starts in June 2024, when Jupiter enters the marriage sector, putting a special someone in your path. During the October 2 Eclipse in Libra and the Full Moon in Aries on October 17, you will make the most important marriage decision of your life. Yes, divorce is possible, because this new partner could be your lifelong companion. Let yourself be guided by your heart and your intuition.

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