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These Are The 3 Most Narcissistic And Selfish Zodiac Signs: Who Is On The Podium?

The narcissistic and selfish tendency of these zodiac signs makes them difficult to live with and yet they are also great seducers. It is partly this ambiguity that allows them to get what they want, despite the mistrust they inspire. Discover the natives of these zodiac signs most likely to possess these characteristics.

The most selfish and narcissistic zodiac signs

What is the most egocentric sign? Leo

Who will be surprised by the presence of Leo in the most selfish and narcissistic signs of the zodiac? After all, this is a sign that is especially proud of its pride, and it is not surprising that among individuals born under its constellation, there are a large number of selfish narcissists. From his presence to his way of expressing himself, even to his gait, the sign of Leo simply cannot go unnoticed. Everyone stares at him and he often leaves people speechless. His smile that does not leave marble and his eloquence, allow him to get almost everything he wants. Great seducers!

Those born under this sign have a heart of gold but particularly like to be in the spotlight and do not always know humility. It’s very simple, they love each other! Sign of fire par excellence, Leo is very aware of the luminous aura that surrounds it. When he speaks, he is listened to and when he looks into the eyes of a captivated person, they are already in his grip, vulnerable to his wishes and desires. In any case, it’s a sign that likes to show off and is ultra-aware of both its magnetism and its charisma.

One of his most annoying failings for those close to him is that he is also a picky sign, very demanding, and easily capricious; he rarely puts himself in the place of others. People born under this sign are also hungry for compliments.to feed their ego. However, they often remain closed to criticism. When they are not in tune with the best version of themselves, they prefer to be in denial of reality. That being said, these character traits often betray their timidity (well-tamed) and their fragility.

What is the proudest and most selfish sign? Libra

According to astrologers, their presence is already much more surprising than that of Leo because it is indeed our zodiac vigilante in question. People are in constant search of harmony and of course, justice. However, it is this inclination that can sometimes lead them to adopt an attitude that can make life difficult for others. On the program, narcissism, and selfishness with, as a result, a perfectionism that sabotages their relationship with others.

Yes, despite their desire to help others, Libras can give in to a bad trait of their personality which is that of wanting to be the protagonists in all the stories in which they find themselves. They like to flaunt what they feel sets them apart from others. But this is not to be confused with the feeling of superiority.

Moreover, if Libras are people who desire harmony, this can turn into an obsession and a constant search for beauty and symmetry. When this applies to all areas of their life, then they can become troublesome. What they need to know is that life is far from perfect, and maybe that’s just fine! They should realize this evidence to free themselves from the absurd standards that they impose on themselves and which, in the end, only keep them away from others.

It is important to emphasize this aspect because of this tendency, they can be ready to become very sympathetic and romantic to better hide their selfish and manipulative side. And it’s all the more formidable as everyone tends to believe in them! Thus, the confidence they inspire is certainly a quality, but above all a weapon that allows them to obtain what they want, with the minimum of effort.

What is the most manipulative and selfish sign? Scorpio

Some would say this list is miles away from the character of a Scorpio while others would say it fits them like a glove. It is for this reason that uncertainty surrounds this sign and that it is subject to several questions as to its true intentions. But there’s no denying that outbursts of selfishness are an integral part of his arsenal of character traits. When the selfishness of this sign takes on disproportionate proportions, it becomes ruthless and even particularly vindictive.

Once hurt in his feelings or smelled betrayal, his revenge is so cold that his victims will be scarred for life by his sensational response. His anger is comparable to an immense tidal wave that would sweep away the best swimmers. Moreover, these character traits are intimately linked to their passionate temperament.

Individuals born under this water sign are manipulative but just as charming and endowed with an intelligence that can be considered above average. The whole being coupled with a devastating smile, it is easy for them to conquer all people, even to put the world at their feet. Their selfishness thus always finds satisfaction.

If the natives of Scorpio are generous and caring people, their narcissism remains omnipresent. At least, for several of them. They simply can’t bear to be second to last as they are obsessed with the idea of ​​victory.

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