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This Astrological Sign Can’t Say No

Climbing Everest, bungee jumping, running into their ex in the supermarket: this astrological sign would much rather be confronted with all these situations than have to say “no”.

If he loses at “neither yes nor no”, you can be sure that it is because he said “yes”. Of course, we’re pushing the point, but if many astrological signs want to please everyone, some don’t know how to say “no” for many other reasons. Not necessarily a “people pleaser” however, we know a sign who, whatever happens, will have the greatest difficulty saying no or refusing anything. Of course, at no time will we talk about Taurus whose favorite word is “no” just after “tagliatelle”.


They are capable of suddenly breaking out of their Olympian calm to throw a tantrum about that vacation they agreed to take with you three years ago and which they hated. We are talking here about Pisces, who, due to their difficulty in saying no, can find themselves in complicated situations. Astrologically, this is explained by their favorite star: Neptune. The big blue is the planet of dreams, of the unconscious, of poetry. It is also linked to illusions, artistic blur, and the absence of barriers or borders. This is why it is considered in astrology that Pisces naturally has few filters and barriers between itself and others. Hence his great empathy but also his difficulty in asserting himself and being heard. He doesn’t want to come across as too strict, so he says yes.


But above all, this great dreamer hates having to maintain a debate and defend his opinion: this is why he refuses by default too strong opinions and by extension, to express his disagreement. Also, if he does not openly take sides, he spares himself any responsibility and any consequences. A way to get away with it in many situations. Another result possibly obtained with this recipe: Pisces may blame you for a decision that he refused to make himself. “But I had no choice, I couldn’t do anything about it” is his leitmotif. He will accept two commitments on the same day and blame the people who gave him two options rather than taking the responsibility to choose.

Pisces can also tend to delude itself (again and again Neptune) about what it wants and convince itself that “yes” when “no”. Getting your head out of the fog to see more clearly, setting your limits, and daring to detach yourself from the group’s opinion to assert your disagreement, are the challenges of Pisces.

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