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Today’s Horoscope 10th May 2023


This Wednesday, our satellite is in an unpleasant position for Aries. Don’t be pessimistic if the job appears a little more difficult than you think! With a little more effort, and some innovative ideas, you will be able to get good results and have a peaceful evening.


Today, an advantageous aspect of the Moon is underway, for you Torelli… You will know how to be diplomatic concerning a difficult situation, which however you will be able to unravel. There will be beautiful interactions with a person who, in the opinion of many, would have a lot to teach everyone and you.


The night star is always in the house of change, for your air sign, on lucky days for your sign. Your behavior at work is appreciated by your superiors, who will listen to you in a way that hasn’t happened for a while and will look at you with special attention.


A tiring position of your star governor, for you Cancer, this Wednesday occurs for the last day… We need to be patient a little longer. With the people you like the most, try to appear nonchalant, because with your shyness you miss out on some opportunities.


Today, for Leo, our satellite transits the House of Duties! The central part of the week finds you very diplomatic if there is a need to talk to someone influential. You will know how to get the right information to advance in your career. In love, the conversations are passionate.


For Virgo, a tasty aspect of the Moon followed! In love, there will be great satisfaction. People who make your heart beat find you very serious and get even closer. Don’t underestimate information that can help you better understand how to behave in relationships.


For Libra, a dissonant aspect of the Moon continues (for the last day) today… You are very demanding in your profession. Colleagues may think that you are overdoing what you ask for. To maintain the common pax, be good at being content during this time.


Today, for you Scorpios, a comfortable position of the Moon continues. Things at work are indeed easier than usual for you, but you should also think about your private life. A person you like better is trying to talk to you but you don’t give them too much attention.


It’s the last day you look this suspicious. For you, Sagittarius, the Moon is in the house of money, mid-week! For now, there’s no need to get too snobbish. Life would be easier if you learned to trust yourself more and to give people a few more chances.


In the middle of the week, for Capricorn, the night star is still in suggestive conjunction. The mood is more optimistic than usual. New tasks can come in the profession, and great satisfaction in private life, with someone you’ve started thinking about for a while.


“It’s the last day you should pay attention to your words. The Moon is, for you Aquarians, in the House of Secret Enemies, this Wednesday… Starting tomorrow, you can be more spontaneous; today, instead, keep always a layer of diplomacy to protect you from gaffes!”


The Moon is in harmonious aspect, for you Pisces, today! Even today, your patience will be rewarded. After long efforts, you will get great satisfaction, which escapes those who do things in a hurry. You will know after being diplomatic in a sentimental conversation challenging.

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