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Today’s Horoscope 12th July 2023


This day can bring Aries both unforeseen expenses and unexpected finds. There may be unplanned expenses for gifts, pleasures, creative or culinary hobbies, for the needs of children, or plans related to personal life. Original acquisitions to the house are not excluded. Separate finds are possible among old things. Not the best time to start saving or saving money.


Today Taurus can make a choice not in favor of sanity and moderation. Many Taurus will not resist the temptation to indulge in new pleasures or will not be able to refuse the whim of their loved ones. There may be strange tastes, sudden love, and fluctuations in feelings. The influence of friends can be strong. Not the best day for work, it is more suitable for parties, holidays, and entertainment.


Today, Gemini is important in financial, moral, and other rear, which they provide friends. And although other people’s moods can change at any moment, nothing terrible will happen: the situation will not be predictable in everything, but it will be fun. Unplanned parties, visits, culinary improvisations, unexpected group shopping sessions, and original acquisitions are possible.


Today, the stars advise Cancers to stay among friends: it will be more fun to work and have fun with them. Do not be afraid of unexpected expenses: they will pay off. In the course of joint activities and entertainment, the likelihood of showing the world your creative, financial, or culinary talents will increase, as well as advertise the fruits of your creativity and attract the attention of potential buyers to them.


Today, Leo may have whims, entertainment, romantic or creative impulses in the first place. Waste is possible. There can be fickle feelings, extravagant tastes, and unexpected spending. The day is suitable only for impromptu celebrations. It is better to avoid specific important steps, routine work, and standard planned shopping. Do not borrow money from friends and bosses.


This day gives the Virgos unexpected support, confirms the correctness of their worldview, and helps them not to doubt the choice of friends and patrons. However, the general atmosphere of the day can take them away from the right path for a while, divert their attention to external effects and bright sparkles, and incline them to improvisation. Perhaps they will pause in their affairs for the sake of love, entertainment, or unscheduled shopping.


Today, Libra should be prepared for monetary and other surprises. They may come from friends, creditors, debtors, or financial institutions. Not the best day to join a collective project, as its material base will be unpredictable. It is better not to open a permanent bank account. When joining the game, it is worth remembering the randomness of luck: both wins and losses are possible.


The stars tell Scorpios that today not all turns of events are in their power. Even if you are responsible for your actions, it is not in your power to control other people’s desires, whims, and unpredictable moods. On this day, it is better not to enter into new alliances, not to draw up financial and other agreements, to postpone an important request or the signing of a professional contract.


To this day, Sagittarius shouldn’t plan routine monotonous work or any business that requires perseverance, discipline, and constancy. Until the evening the mood may be non-working, experiments will be carried out instead of standard procedures, and painstaking work will be curtailed for the sake of flirting or exotic entertainment. Friends and helpers may not be very reliable.


Today, Capricorns can afford a share of creative improvisation, an unscheduled vacation, an unexpected cultural program, an original purchase, a gift, an extraordinary scenario for communicating with a loved one or children, and contact with friends on an unexpected occasion. But do not forget about the possible side effects of such freedom, it is better to know the measure of it. It makes sense to postpone important things on these days.


Today, Aquarius should know the measure of kind gestures and in impulses associated with decorating a home. Signs of care and sympathy will not always be understood correctly, and attempts to ennoble life can turn into clutter at home. The day can emphasize aesthetic, love, marital or financial differences, but also bring together, for example, at a family or friendly meal. A good day to receive guests.


Today, the stars promise Pisces a favorable environment around, but they warn that it may be full of temptations. It is possible that under its influence you suddenly want to change an important rule, for example, the principle of saving or dieting. The good side of this day is the benevolent influence of friends, neighbors, or relatives, who will often act from the best of intentions.

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