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Today’s Horoscope 12th June 2023


Today, a pleasant conjunction of our satellite takes place, for you Arietini… The new position of our star contrasts with the transit of Pluto, which makes you less belligerent. You can go back to showing the most interesting and vital aspects of your character.


On this day, the nocturnal star passes through the astrological House of Adversities to overcome. Although Pluto is making you more stable now, you may appear hasty without even realizing it. Try to be more involved when making any professional decisions.


For your Air sign, the Moon is at a convenient time this Monday. When you resume your usual activities, your ideas will be very original and profitable. Some may even think you’re a genius. You can make a good impression on someone you don’t mind at all.


Your star governor is in dissonant disposition, for your sign of Water, on the day favorable to your sign… Try not to be rash if someone asks you to give an opinion on something you don’t fully know. It takes more thoughtfulness.


For Leo, a comfortable aspect of the Moon continues this beginning of the week! Resuming your usual tasks finds you very determined, almost inexorable! People who feel in competition with you will have to resign themselves to the fact that today you have something extra.


At the beginning of the week, for you Virgos, the night star is in the House of Rejuvenation! The somewhat brusque way that characterized you in recent weeks gives way to a more cheerful way of being, which makes others love you more.


This Monday, for Libra, there’s a tiring Moon disposition! With Pluto’s new and not-so-beautiful position, the star makes you too ambitious. You could lose the trust of both the people you work with and the people you hang out with privately if you don’t limit yourself.


The Moon is found, for your Water sign, in the Home of health and work, at the beginning of the week… The return to work finds you protagonists if not recognized leaders. You can make important decisions yourself, which will soon be followed up.


For you, Sagittarius, a positive Moon position is underway at the start of the week. This transit compensates (at least in part) the new position of Pluto, which causes some small revolutions. The night star makes you courageous and allows you to make a good impression.


A complicated aspect of our satellite, for Capricorn, is underway today! Don’t let yourself be distracted by something that isn’t going 100% as you would expect: you are a little restless today and more control is needed, given the resumption of daily chores.


This beginning of the week, the night star is in comfortable aspect, for you Aquarius! Your intelligence is evident and, when you resume your everyday tasks, it allows you to bring home enviable results without too much effort. At home, you know how to mitigate a conflict.


The nocturnal star transits the Field of economies, for you Pisces, at the beginning of the week! You want to make a risky bet or investment. Boredom on Mondays indeed needs to be exorcised, but you shouldn’t take inopportune risks. There are other ways to unwind!

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