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Today’s Horoscope 14th April 2023


Your way of doing is original and allows you to solve a problem that was boring to both you and a person you care about a lot. The Moon is in a favorable aspect, for the Arietini, today… In the profession, you will have an excellent idea to work better, which will make your value stand out.


A period continues in which you appear detached even from the people who have historically interested you. On a lucky day for your sign, for you Taurus, there is a complicated position of our satellite… You have to do something to show those who love you that you know how to appreciate it.


A period continues in which your ability to understand the most complicated situations makes you look wise. For your Air sign, a positive position of our satellite is taking place as the weekend approaches. You will be able to advise in all respect.


It continues a time when the people you work with find you smart and trust your words. Today, your patron star is found, for Cancer, in the astrological house of regeneration. Your imagination allows you to get positive feedback even in love.


If someone confesses something to you that they find it hard to talk about, try to show more empathy. For Leo, a complicated position of the nocturnal star continues, at the gates of the weekend… You seem detached but, if you appeared more attentive, you would obtain a useful acknowledgment.


The final part of the work week finds you quite effective. Our satellite passes through the Field of passion, for you Virgos, today… You have the opportunity to complete a task that was left pending and which, for this reason, made you anxious.


In your profession, you will be appropriately selective, and you will have the acumen to focus only on tasks that serve you and can help you grow. For you, Librans, a comfortable aspect of the Moon follows, on the day that is favorable to your sign. You will be rightly focused.


A second part of the week continues which finds you a bit detached. For you Scorpios, the Moon is in a complicated position as the weekend approaches. Your loved one could stand you up if you don’t force yourself to show your affection more consistently.


For Sagittarius, a positive aspect of our satellite is underway today… You are very funny, in the eyes of someone very demanding, who wants to see something different from the crowd. You will know how to stand out from the others, thanks to your very particular way of doing.


As the weekend approaches, our satellite transits the Money Field, for you Capricorns. From a seemingly ordinary conversation, very interesting information will come about a person you haven’t thought about in a while, but you haven’t forgotten.


For you Aquarians, a pleasant conjunction of the Moon continues this Friday… Your approach is rather original and brings you results that not everyone can aspire to. In the profession, there are appreciations that you’ve been waiting for for a long time, and that will taste great.


Our satellite is in the twelfth astrological house, for you Minnows, as the weekend approaches… You mustn’t think that they want to keep you at bay: if you want it, you can be independent. You don’t find excuses for behaviors that depend only on you.

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