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Today’s Horoscope 15th September 2023


Today, the stars advise Aries to do simple routine things and also pay attention to their health. Progress in business, especially joint ones, is in question on this day. The most reasonable tactic is not to force events and not to strive to take everything into your own hands, but to wait for initiative from the right people, which will not be followed up: it will probably be shown closer to the night or the next day.


For Taurus, the stars suggest that this is a suitable day for rest, which can be spent usefully, for example, strengthening one’s views or planning tasks for the coming weeks. Until evening comes, nothing will interfere with freedom of thought and flight of imagination. By nightfall, routine worries and contact with other people will remind you; that you may need help or have an urgent matter planned for tomorrow.


Today, the stars advise Gemini to keep their eyes on their possessions and once again look at them with their master’s eye: perhaps some work has not been completed, cleaning has not been completed, or vulnerable places have been exposed. There is no need to rush into new beginnings and approval of plans: on this day, illusions remain in force and a degree of self-deception remains; laziness, inconsistency, and absent-mindedness are possible until the evening.


Today, Cancers have time to rethink the available information and build further plans on its basis. If their implementation depends on the collective will, it is advisable to maintain contact with the desired group of people until the evening. You shouldn’t overwork yourself, as at the end of the day you may need strength; closer to night, urgent household chores may appear, or partnership obligations may remind you of yourself.


Today, the stars advise Leos to maintain focus on their yesterday’s tasks, check their doubts, and not forget about the financial side of their affairs. It is better to refuse important purchases and transactions: they may have secret flaws and provide certain hidden problems as a “bonus” to the benefit. Leos, eager to change the environment to a more dynamic and pleasant one, will have to wait for the evening or even night.


Today the stars give Virgos extra time for their own needs. You can use the main part of the day to plan your affairs, assess the situation and your capabilities, and take care of your health. The positive spiritual charge of yesterday will help you overcome doubts. But you shouldn’t wait until the night: at the end of the day, focusing on your interests may turn out to be inappropriate and from the outside look like selfishness.


The stars tell Libra that today it is better for them not to rush into taking the initiative, so as not to find themselves in a false start situation or reach a dead end. Until evening comes, it is advisable to not do the work itself but prepare for it, for example, checking the technical condition of instruments, finding assistants, training, or improving your health. The most impatient Libra will get the impetus for action at the end of the day.


Today Scorpios may have doubts about the future. To regain confidence, it is important for them not to abandon the legacy of their past and to take care of it in every possible way, for example, not to forget the professional skills acquired in previous years or to look for new reasons for cooperation with old friends. A quiet period is more likely in the morning, the closer the evening, the more reason for caution.


The stars tell Sagittarius that today it is important for them not to neglect their responsibilities and to remain within the framework that duty and necessity dictate to them. Before evening comes, you shouldn’t leave meetings without good reason and lose contact with the right people. Beginnings are not recommended, but it is useful to clarify the plan for the coming weeks. If there is an urgent matter, it is better to deal with it closer tonight.


Capricorns can remain diligent researchers, and planners, or lead a passive, contemplative lifestyle throughout the day. They should use the main part of this day to strengthen their views and spiritual positions. It is important not to lose touch with a distant teacher, friend, or role model, with the hard-won values ​​of the past. By nightfall, an urgent matter may arise.


Today, the stars advise Aquarius to combine calmness with attention to practical details and minimal precautions. In a critical situation, it is better to spend time on additional checking: certain critical details may have fallen out of sight and threaten to become sources of hidden problems. It is better to switch attention to more pleasant aspects of life at the very end of the day.


Pisces can remain dependent on circumstances or the opinions of individual people throughout the day. Dependency may be psychological, spiritual, or technical, for example, there may be a continued need for an assistant or consultant. Some Pisces will take criticism to heart and may be suspicious. In the evening, it doesn’t hurt to be careful when it comes to the risks of partnership or competition.

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