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Today’s Horoscope 16th June 2023


Today, a positive aspect of the Moon is forming for you Aries… Your curiosity allows you to better understand a complex subject, which in the past had escaped you in your profession. You are quite nice to strangers, including those who catch your eye…


On the day of the week favorable for you, our satellite appears in the field of finances, for you Taurus! You are very insightful when it comes to economic matters. If you keep calm and don’t get excited, you can take advantage of a tempting opportunity even in eros.


Now that the weekend is approaching, an elegant conjunction of our satellite is starting for your air sign. After the laziness that had gripped you in recent days, there comes a period in which you are quite active. Colleagues admire how fast you operate.


From this day, the Moon, your guiding star, is located, for your Water sign, in the House of secret enemies… You must show yourselves a little more transparent, in your way of doing. There is someone who is examining your shadow sides to show that you are a bit manipulative.


Now that the weekend is approaching, for Leo, a favorable position of the Moon is in progress… You are very nice, both to those who already know you and to a person who is only now approaching your world. Your ironic way of dealing with existence makes you feel better with everyone.


Starting today, for you Virgos, there is a disharmonious aspect of our satellite… You are anxious about things that shouldn’t worry you, or about things you have no control over. Try to face situations by peacefully admitting your limits.


The nocturnal star transits in favorable transit, starting from the day that is positive for you… You will be able to complete your tasks quickly, including the most boring ones. You are very practical and your dexterity is superior to usual. Your partner notices it and finds you very skilled.


Our satellite is in the Transformation Field, for your Water sign, at the gates of the weekend… Your mood improves perceptibly. People find you more disposed to sincere dialogue. There is a better understanding of love, whether you have a partner or are looking for one.


A disharmonious position of the nocturnal star begins, for you Sagittarius, this Friday. Be careful not to appear too agitated if things don’t go as quickly as you expect. The people you work with would like to see you calmer, and the same applies to a worried partner.


Our satellite is in the astrological house of feelings, for your Earth sign, starting today… You will be able to face daily difficulties with an edge or rather the spirit that accompanies you. You know how to smile even at the most annoying things and the day goes better.


Our satellite is at an advantageous moment, for you Aquarius, as the weekend approaches. There is a desire to join you and your adventures. Your light-heartedness is pleasant and allows you to spend hours of fun with the people who matter to you.


For you Pisces, there is a complicated aspect to our satellite as the weekend approaches! Why don’t you try to make clearer choices, without showing yourself perpetually undecided? In one situation in particular, you can’t stand back diplomatically, but you have to say what you think.

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