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Today’s Horoscope 16th May 2023


On the day of the week that is positive for you, Jupiter shows itself in the astrological house of material goods, for Aries! There are so many ideas that allow you to improve both your wallet, and communication with your family, and with the people you care about most in general…


Today, for you Torelli, a serene conjunction of Jupiter, lucky star, begins. A new and fortunate period begins, which fully satisfies you in its simplicity (which does not mean banality). You will be refined in the eyes of a person who has been waiting for someone like you for a long time.


This Tuesday, for you Geminis, Jupiter, a lucky star, enters the astrological House of hidden difficulties! In the coming weeks, you may be slower than usual. Especially in love, those who have time don’t wait for time: express your feelings early.


Starting this Tuesday, for your Water sign, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is in a pleasant aspect! You will know how to enjoy life more, with a calmness that will bring excellent results. You are also persistent and reach goals that others consider too far away.


Starting from this day, a difficult aspect of Jupiter, the star of fortune, occurs for you Leoncini! Traffic slows you down. Your loved one will wonder over the next few weeks if you care about them since you only appear involved when they do something wrong.


Today, a positive position of Jupiter, the star of success, begins for your Earth sign! You will know how to enjoy the pleasures of life in the coming months! You can be considered a viveur, as you have the right opinions about everything worth experiencing.


For you, Libras, Jupiter, the star of fortune, shows itself in the astrological house of change this Tuesday. It is an important transit because the star comes out of a position in which it made you appear restless. Loved ones find you more trustworthy and talk to you more.


A tiring position of Jupiter, planet of good fortune, begins for Scorpio, on the day of the week that is favorable for you! Be careful not to overdo the pleasurable activities in the coming weeks. Especially with the throat: you will tend to gain weight if you are not careful.


For your Fire sign, Jupiter, the star of good luck, is in the house of daily life, starting today… In everyday affairs, you will be very productive and your way of communicating with colleagues becomes pleasant. In love, you will appear more sensual.


For you Capricorns, there is a comfortable position for Jupiter, the planet of fortune, starting from this Tuesday… The star comes out of a position in which it made you too restless. You will know how to take better care not only of the mental aspect of your person but also of the physical one.


Starting today, for you Aquarius, a tiring aspect of Jupiter is underway, a planet usually lucky for you… Your way of living life is inspired by enjoyment, which certainly doesn’t hurt, however, you may appear disinterested in who relies on you.


This Tuesday, your ruling planet, Jupiter, shows itself in comfortable transit, for your sign of Water! There will be moments of serenity and enjoyment in private life! With someone who inspires you, but you don’t know very well yet, there will be unexpected understandings…

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