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Today’s Horoscope 20th June 2023


On a favorable day for your sign, a pleasant position of the Moon begins for you. You will be very determined to achieve the goals you like best. With people you personally like, there will be times when you feel like you are center stage.


On this day, an uncomfortable position of the night star is formed, for Taurus! You will be almost narcissistic when you compare yourself to others. Don’t give the impression that your stuff is more important than other people’s stuff. Especially in love, be equal!


The Moon transits in tasty transit, for your Air sign, starting today! Unlike many people who leave things hanging, you Leoncini will reveal your resolve and will be able to make the right decisions. A person approaches who does not want dubious situations.


For your Water sign, our satellite transits the House of Finance, starting today. Your charisma allows you to obtain very useful information for the economic sphere. A purchase that you have been postponing for some time will finally prove to be feasible and spot on.


For Leo, there is a pleasant conjunction of our satellite, from this day… You have a renewed state of mind, which allows you to reveal yourself rather resolutely. Someone in the know will want to partner with you and, if possible, share a success.


For you Virgos, the nocturnal star passes through the astrological house of hidden difficulties, starting today. Beware of an exaggerated optimism with which you are evaluating the actions of someone closer to you than usual. Be less naive and more suspicious.


Starting today, for Libra, our satellite is in a comfortable moment. It shows that you are passionate about what you do. This is noticed by superiors, who trust your judgment, as well as people who like you and want to be with you.


On the day favorable to your sign, for your sign of Water, a dissonant position of the Moon begins… Try not to look only at your navel: the world runs perfectly even without you. Your narcissism today does not serve you and do you no credit.


A tasty position of our satellite is underway, for you Sagittarius, today! You will face things with a certain enthusiasm and those around you appreciate your state of mind. It’s the right time to try to get noticed by someone who will have a good influence on you.


The Moon is, for you Capricorns, in the house of sexuality, starting from today… Your state of shape improves noticeably compared to the past few weeks. Now you can do well both professionally and privately, thanks to the fact that you look more attractive than usual.


From this day, for you Aquarius, there is a tiring position of the night star. You are superb and some don’t like this. This is the person who makes your heart beat, who would like to find you more modest and attentive to the needs of others before returning to indulge.


Today, for you Little Fishes, the nocturnal star is in the astrological house of exaltation… You are very convincing. Why don’t you try to assert your way, different from the common one, to solve a professional problem? Your charisma is also remarkable in private.

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