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Today’s Horoscope 21st April 2023


A certain possessiveness could connote your way of placing yourself not only in affection but also in your profession, where you are not very inclined to collaborate. Our satellite is in the Astrological House of Finance for your Fire sign today.


It is a moment in which your perseverance allows you to reap important fruits, both in the working environment and in your affections. For you, Torelli, a beautiful conjunction of our satellite followed, on the day favorable to your sign… There are enlightening conversations.


Some want to make you jealous and you naively fall for it with all your shoes. The Moon is in the twelfth astrological house, for you Gemini, at the gates of the weekend. Don’t burn the ground from under your feet when it’s clear that certain situations are made to make you nervous.


Your charm accompanies you in any situation you put yourself in. On this day, a harmonious disposition is underway from your patron star, for you from Cancer. You will know how to be persevering in making friends (and perhaps more…) a person who in turn fascinates you.


Be careful how you feed yourself in this period: you are very greedy and could exceed with the delicacies. A tiring aspect of the Moon continues, for you Leos, now that the weekend is approaching… Be more moderate in every aspect of your life. Plan on the snacks.


In love, you will be trusted and life’s most important relationships will reach a new level. On this day, for you Virgos, a pleasant aspect of our satellite continues. You will be elegant, in the way you dress, and you will be noticed by someone with refined tastes.


A period continues in which you feel much fitter than in recent weeks. The Moon is found, for Libra, in the House of Metamorphosis, on a favorable day for your sign. Your simplicity will positively affect a person who doesn’t like extremism.


After the Sun, it is the Moon that slows you down and makes you appear lazy in the eyes of influential people in your life. At the gates of the weekend, there is a tiring arrangement of our satellite, for your Water sign. We need more dynamism in all areas of existence.


For you, Sagittarius, the Moon passes through the astrological house of attraction today… You are at the peak of your attractiveness. One person, in particular, will not want to miss the opportunity to be very close to you and to spend intense moments in intimacy with you.


A favorable position of the nocturnal star continues, for you Capricorn, at the gates of the weekend. Your simplicity, which allows you to take small but constant steps forward in the profession, will be appreciated. You are very persevering and you will get satisfaction.


For you Aquarius, a tiring position of the nocturnal star is underway today… If there is an opportunity to show off at work, don’t worry too much, because otherwise there is someone who is waiting for nothing but to do it for you. Be more timely.


Followed a comfortable position of the Moon, for you Pisces, at the gates of the weekend. Your sophistication does not go unnoticed, in any context. You will be the subject of conversation if you show up in places where you can meet and meet people. Hopefully, this pleases you…

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