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Today’s Horoscope 22nd May 2023


For Aries, there is a dissonant position of our satellite, starting from this day! The resumption of everyday work finds you a little capricious. You don’t want to do things that ultimately someone has to do. Try to recover your motivations.


For you, Torelli, a harmonious position of our satellite begins, this Monday… In your profession, you can find new ways to face age-old problems. Your creativity also prevails in the world of feelings, where your proposals are successful.


For your Air sign, the Moon is in the House of Money at the start of the week! You will be very conservative in financial matters. Perhaps a little more initiative is needed. For you Geminis it shouldn’t be anything transcendental! Bring more imagination into play.


Starting from the day in your favor, there is a pleasant conjunction of the night star, for you Cancer! A new period begins, in which you are empathetic and can understand many things that previously escaped you. At work, you will be able to interpret a dynamic that previously eluded you.


For Leo, the Moon is in the House of adversity to overcome, starting from the beginning of this week… Don’t be wait-and-see and, if you have something to say to someone when your daily tasks resume, come forward without too much delay. We need to be more ready.


At the beginning of the week, a favorable aspect of our satellite begins for Virgo… The new week finds you very intriguing in love. Your intuitive but loving way of doing allows you to obtain great satisfaction in the relationship with the person you like most.


For Libra, our satellite is in a complicated position, starting this Monday! Try to face all situations with due attention to facts rather than opinions. With rationality, you will overcome obstacles that at certain times seem insurmountable.


Our satellite transits in favorable transit, for you Scorpions, from today! Your kindness affects a person who has been mistreated lately, and who is eager to be closer to someone she likes. You will get professional acclaim.


Starting this Monday, the opposition of the Moon ends, for you of Sagittarius… Your way of placing yourself is decidedly easier for others and for yourselves. When you return to work, communication with colleagues becomes easier and makes your life less complicated.


For you, Capricorns, a complicated aspect of the Moon is starting today… Try to evaluate the things that happen to you with a greater degree of objectivity. You might appear a bit moody, given that you give changing interpretations of the same situations…


This beginning of the week, for you Aquarians, our satellite enters the House of daily chores. Resuming your usual activities is easier than expected. You will get good results in a short time and you will have wonderful hours left to devote to eros, if possible…


For Pisces, the nocturnal star transits in an easy aspect, starting today! You are very intuitive and you can understand before others how to get to the results that interest you. Your loved one feels understood after a period in which you treated them with a little condescension.

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