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Today’s Horoscope 23rd June 2023


At the gates of the weekend, for the Arietinis, the nocturnal star appears in the House of daily chores… You will be able to find the solution to a practical problem that annoyed you a little without too much difficulty. In erotic art, you will be able to make yourself appreciated.


A positive Moon aspect is underway for you Torellis, starting this Friday! You will be considered brilliant in your profession. Before the weekend rolls around, you may get unexpected recognition from your superiors. In affection, be generous.


This Friday, our satellite presents itself in a disharmonious position for you Geminis. You should try to cooperate more. By doing everything yourself, you won’t get the same results you would get if you had more team spirit. Your loved one finds you brilliant.


For you Cancers, the Moon, your patron star, is at an easy time, starting from this day… Your altruism is noticed by people who can do you good in turn. A more intimate conversation than usual can be enlightening on a complicated topic.


Starting this Friday, our satellite transits, for you Leos, the House of material goods… You will be rather meticulous in organizing economic matters. An investment opportunity will prove successful if only you have the cunning to take advantage of it before the others.


A beautiful conjunction of the Moon occurs, for you Virgo, as the weekend approaches… In the coming days, you will feel very autonomous and you will convince people that your ideas (as well as your actions) are to be trusted. There will be different activities.


The Moon appears in the Field of hidden adversity, for you Libras, on the day of the week that is favorable for you… Perhaps you are being too harsh towards someone who, in your opinion, needs to be brought back into line. Before judging others, listen to their reasons.


Our satellite is in comfortable aspect, as the weekend approaches… You will be able to behave selflessly and you will get the attention of someone who likes people who know how to put their interests aside for the good of the working environment.. and of the couple.


There is a disharmonious aspect of the nocturnal star, for Sagittarius, from this day. Everyone indeed likes things done well, but you’re slipping into fussiness. It will be the case to have a greater overview instead of getting lost in trivial details.


For you, Capricorns, a positive aspect of the night star is underway, now that the weekend is approaching! You know how to do it yourself, unlike others who constantly need help. In the profession, your autonomous behavior is greatly appreciated, and acknowledgment is prepared.


For your Air sign, our satellite enters the astrological house of regeneration, at the gates of the weekend… A period in which you seemed extremely opinionated is over. Your generosity is clear and makes you likable in every context. Your partner is closer to you.


As the weekend approaches, for Pisces, an unpleasant aspect of our satellite begins! You have to know how to let go, in this period. You are too private and you miss the opportunity to get to know a better person who can make you happier…

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