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Today’s Horoscope 24th August 2023


Today, it is better for Aries to get down to business in the afternoon, but there is an exception: if critical work was carried out the day before, it is advisable to draw a line under them in the morning. The afternoon will add energy but may create technical obstacles to free movement forward. Perhaps disappointment in an assistant or a person from afar, doubt, postponement of the trip. Interference due to well-being is not ruled out.


In the morning, Taurus will have time to clarify the mood of the people of interest and make sure that contact has been established with them. It will not always be possible to determine the level of mutual understanding by obvious signs; insight will be required. The afternoon can create obstacles to communication with foreigners or representatives of other cultures, increasing doubts about the future, other people, or one’s talents.


Gemini should start this day with the necessary things according to the situation, emphasizing completing yesterday’s events: the longer they are postponed, the less they want to dive into them. The second half of the day will set strict rules in communication with superiors, partners, and authorities, especially foreign ones. Evasiveness or deceit, disappointment, refusal, control, verification, and delay are not excluded.


Cancerians can trust their instincts at the beginning of the day, but later they will have to check their feelings and assumptions with facts: there may be confusion, an inadvertent mistake, or deliberate deception. Do not rush to trust a doctor, assistant, mentor, a person from afar. It is advisable to take a break to reflect and check the data. It is better to take your time when choosing a pet, looking for a job, and developing a treatment plan.


The first half of the day may not be very comfortable for Leo. At this time, it is better to do simple things and not pay attention to possible despondency. In the afternoon, the situation will improve, but good ideas will only be realized halfway. Fears and doubts due to children and loved ones, creative disappointments, financial hitches, obstacles to self-expression, or a pleasant vacation are likely.


Today, the stars advise Virgos to be more careful. Necessary matters are best settled before noon. During the day, a significant moment is possible in the house or connection with housing, in communication with foreigners, partners, or management. Many Virgos will have to clarify their status (for example, host or guest), comply with the rules, or keep the prescribed distance. It doesn’t have to be a final contract.


Today, Libra is better to get involved in business in the afternoon. At the same time, it will be useful for them to outline for themselves a plan of action and boundaries of possibilities in advance: this will save them from wasting time and unnecessary disappointments. Possible refusals, delays, or cancellations. Some routes or institutions may be closed, the necessary communication lines will not work, and recommendations and diagnoses will turn out to be vague.


Scorpios should start this day with attention to their own needs. In the morning hours, you can follow a random mood or habit, reflect on yesterday’s events and impressions, or just relax. The second half of the day requires accuracy in any matters, including financial ones. It is advisable to check the identity of the buyer, seller, and counterparty (especially a foreigner).


Today the stars are advising Sagittarians to get down to important business in the afternoon. It is better to spend the morning in an energy-saving mode, paying attention to warning signs. The second half of the day will be more successful if you become more disciplined, clarify your goal, status, and limits of authority in advance, and show constructiveness in communication with superiors, official authorities, specialists, and significant people.


Today, Capricorns may face one or another disappointment. If it is superimposed on other adverse factors, for example, poor health, an attack of despondency is possible. A significant person may be unavailable: a personal doctor, a teacher, a boss, or a distant friend. It is desirable to have hidden spiritual support or a strong inner core, especially against the background of ailments and delays in plans.


This day will help Aquarius to look ahead a little more optimistically and see the prospect as a whole but does not promise bright hopes. The prevailing mood until the night may remain skepticism, dictated by worldly experience, intuition, or facts. Perhaps distrust even to friends. It is worth postponing undertakings, as they will have problems due to external restrictions or due to the personal qualities of the participants.


Today the responsible period for Pisces is in the afternoon. The second half of the day can force them to concentrate on their position or profession, on official contacts with management or foreign authorities. It is important not to spoil relations with a significant person, whether it be a boss, partner, competitor, client, or loved one: reputation and career can depend on the balance of interests.

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