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Today’s Horoscope 29th May 2023


From the beginning of the week, there is a complicated position of the Moon, for you Aries… You may appear detached even when more than normal presence of mind is required. Your closest people will think that you are a little disinterested even in love.


For Taurus, the Moon transits the house of daily life, starting today. You are quite skilled and can finish earlier than usual some activities that usually keep you busy. There will be more time to devote to eroticism, another area where your skills show!


This Monday, a comfortable position of the Moon begins, for you Gemini… You will be able to do well even in situations where you don’t feel very prepared. Your eclecticism allows you to obtain appreciable results with an effort that others would consider minimal!


Your star governor is in an unpleasant position for you Cancers, starting from the day that is positive for you. Resuming your daily chores finds you too attentive to detail. Know how to leave perfection alone and settle for doing things with the right sufficiency, sometimes.


Today, an advantageous aspect of our satellite begins for you Leos! Your way of relating to the professional environment allows you to obtain considerable satisfaction from colleagues and superiors. Your intelligence does not go unnoticed among colleagues or friends.


Your relationship with money gets closer. From this day on, our satellite is located, for you Virgos, in the House of material goods! You are enterprising and can achieve important economic goals, which until now have seemed difficult to achieve.


An elegant conjunction of the Moon occurs, for your Air sign, starting from this Monday… Work resumes with less difficulty than you left it last week. Now you are much better able to find new ways to solve problems.


On this day, for you Scorpios, our satellite is in the House of the unconscious. As at the beginning of the month, you could lend your right to those who would like to exploit certain of your insecurities to steal what you worked for. Let him understand that it is not air.


This Monday, an advantageous Moon aspect begins for Sagittarius! The mood improves compared to a weekend that often found you hyper-critical. Today will be the time to try to repair certain wounds that you have inflicted in recent days, whether consciously or not.


For you Capricorns, a difficult aspect of the Moon is underway, starting from this beginning of the week. Getting back to work is tough, but you shouldn’t appear so indecisive if you have to make a choice that also involves others. The partner would like you to feel more convinced of the couple.


Today, a harmonic position of the Moon, for Aquarius, is starting. Everyday chores take advantage of your very imaginative way of doing things, which allows you to approach problems from new and effective channels. With whoever you like, there will be very interesting exchanges.


Our satellite has been in the Field of Reorganization for you Minnows since the beginning of this week! The period of opposition from the Moon which made you hyper-critical is over. Now you are much more open to dialogue and you can have the conversations you were missing.

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