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Today’s Horoscope 29th September 2023


Today Aries are becoming more active and are often determined to promote their interests. Many Aries will turn out to be overly impulsive, especially if the last days have forced them to be passive and secretive. The stars remind you of the importance of partnership or harmonious competition: now it is difficult to achieve success without maintaining a balance of interests. It may be worth making concessions or delegating some of the tasks to other people.


Today, the stars advise Taurus to postpone global endeavors and act according to the situation: the more active the reaction to certain signals, the higher the likelihood of seizing a chance and succeeding in current affairs. This is especially important when it comes to getting emergency help or home plans. It is worth remembering that in this period, it is not the simple purchase of services that is relevant, but the mutually beneficial operational exchange of them.


Today, Geminis should not refuse to participate in collective actions or the opportunity to involve other people in their affairs. Such a move will double the effectiveness now and may be useful in the future, for example, it will strengthen an agreement, sympathy, or friendship. It is advisable to prefer actions to words. The day is suitable for quick business events, love initiatives, sports, and active hobbies.


Today, Dancers will have to become more courageous, resourceful, and easy-going if they want to achieve something. The day involves deft diplomatic actions “here and now” and may require balancing between different plans or interests. Having given in to the excitement, you should not forget about the possible risks and results of a momentary impulse: now it is easy to make a new competitor or rekindle old enmity.


The dynamics of this day will be positive for Lviv. The stars advise them to be quicker and “seize the moment”: if this does not help advance in global plans, then at least it will allow them to maintain balance and not lose what they have. The day helps to cooperate with people from afar and use foreign connections, allows you to deftly maneuver in the legal field, and contributes to the success of a love initiative.


The stars tell Virgos that this is a day of active maneuvers, rather than lengthy dialogues. Long hesitation will not be the most productive activity. Having decided to take one step or another, you need to prepare for the ambiguity of events and some risk. You should not give in to impulse or follow someone else’s example if you are not skilled in dual games and do not like upside-down situations, including financial ones.


Today, Libra can safely engage in cooperation, and also not be afraid of competition: most likely, it will be fair or humorous, and there will be no need to “cross the line.” The pride of many Libras, especially representatives of the stronger sex, can be hurt by someone else’s activity or the fact that their initiative has been intercepted. The stars assure that now any imbalance can be easily corrected if there is a mutual will.


Today it is difficult for Scorpios to avoid troubles and remain calm. Many Scorpios are drawn into the process of solving an extraordinary problem or in two parallel projects, forced to actively cooperate and exchange services. They may need a deft assistant or have to deal with a capricious charge. Prompt coordination of actions and distribution of responsibilities will help to minimize fuss and contradictions.


Today, Sagittarius should not suppress business, gaming, love, and creative impulses. This day provides an excellent reason to stretch physically, cheer up mentally, or experience vivid emotions. Fate will give many Sagittarius a moment of luck and will allow them to conduct business in parallel, helping them interact more actively with children, business partners, the object of romantic affection, or friends with similar interests.


Today, it is important for Capricorns to properly distribute their forces, directing them only to important goals. One of these goals may be a home, everyday life or housing issue, business partnership or marriage. It is important to maintain a safe balance since imbalances of any kind are fraught with scandal or other troubles. Don’t be nervous if, instead of a radical solution, another temporary compromise is required.


Today, circumstances may require Aquarius to take a slightly more active position, for example, business agility, the ability to navigate in a contradictory environment, ease of climb, or additional physical dexterity. The stars advise submitting to the demands of the moment: this is a good way to speed up your current affairs and even, perhaps, complete two or three tasks at once instead of one.


The stars tell Pisces that today’s success requires energetic efforts and quick reactions, while long and lasting results are not always guaranteed. There is a high probability of getting an ambiguous or unstable effect. It is better to deal only with urgent matters, for example, respond to urgent calls or alarms promptly, and postpone all planned non-essential work.

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