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Today’s Horoscope 2nd April 2023


Even if you have some Sunday chores to do, it will be appropriate to allocate some time to your loved one, who will be able to reward your attention with passion. The Moon is in the astrological house of impetus, for the Arietini, starting this Sunday.


After a very first day of the month that saw you a little too dominant, today you will know how to be more altruistic. Today, a tasty position of the nocturnal star is forming for you from Taurus. You will be very organized and you will get many positive results from this Sunday…


You are a little too critical, just at a time when it would be appropriate to relax and let go. On the day dedicated to rest, a tiring position of the Moon begins, for your sign of Air. Trust the judgment of others a little more: it could be successful.


There will be plenty of opportunities to communicate more intimately with someone whose opinions are especially dear to you. For Cancer, your guiding star, the Moon, is in positive transit, starting from this day of rest. You will be satisfied by personal relationships.


You are very precise. You will know how to analyze and make the most of an investment opportunity. The nocturnal star is in the astrological house of finances, for Leo, starting from the day favorable to you. There are chances to finally get your wallet back on track.


It is a new and fruitful period. For you Virgos, a cheerful conjunction of the Moon is underway, starting today. If you’ve made up your mind to do something that doesn’t convince the critics, know that you have all the energy to prove you’re right this time.


You are too critical of someone who is not angry with you, just because you don’t completely agree with their way of doing things. Starting from this last day of the weekend, our satellite passes through the Field of trials for you Librans to overcome.


You are very elegant today, and you are noticed by a person who does not have very ordinary tastes. For you Scorpios, an easy position of the Moon begins on a day of rest… Your way of thinking allows you to deal with anyone with satisfaction.


On this last day of the weekend, an uncomfortable position of the nocturnal star is formed for Sagittarius. You’re too nervous if someone doesn’t say the things you like. Greater tolerance is needed, especially with the people you will then go looking for with an apology.


This Sunday, for you Capricorns, our satellite presents itself in a pleasant transit. Thanks to the attention of others, you will be able to make a person feel at ease who has a lot to offer and who, if well stimulated, can confess a secret that is interesting to you too.


On the day dedicated to relaxation, for you Aquarius, the nocturnal star appears in the astrological house of reconstruction. The period in which you were too dramatic in living the small daily conflicts is over. Now you are more thoughtful and know how to take things philosophically.


On the day dedicated to rest, a disharmonious aspect of the Moon forms for you Pisces… Even if you feel like being alone, you should make an effort to hang out with people. From a confrontation with a person you thought could make you sick, you will gather useful information.

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