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Today’s Horoscope 3rd June 2023


The Moon is in an advantageous aspect, for you Aries, starting this Saturday! You will have a smile on your face even in circumstances that, in other contexts, would have made you angry. You are also very accommodating in love, and you earn the gratitude of someone you care about a lot.


For your Earth sign, the nocturnal star enters the astrological house of transformation on this first day of the weekend! You’ll go back to being at peace with the people you’ve treated badly in the past few days. Try to let them know that you didn’t do it intentionally.


On this first day of the weekend, the Moon presents itself in difficult opposition, for you Geminis! Be careful not to be too reckless even in contexts where you know you risk too much. Know how to take it easy without exaggerating even in love, where you talk too much.


For you Cancers, your guiding star, the Moon, is in the House of daily life, on this first day of the weekend. Your approach to everyday activities is very optimistic. You know how to take things with enthusiasm and you can positively infect those around you.


For you Leos, a tasty Moon position is underway, starting this Saturday. You feel quite athletic and you can take advantage of the weekend to start that physical activity that you have set aside for too long. The results will be visible sooner than expected.


The Moon is tiringly available for you Virgos, starting today… Your way of relating to people who love you, sentimentally or in friendship, reveals a certain superficiality. Try to touch on deeper topics in your speeches.


On the day of the week that is positive for you, our satellite presents itself in a pleasant aspect, for you Libras… Did you know that summer is coming in a few weeks? If you want to be fit for that moment, take advantage of the almost athletic shape and start physical activity.


On this weekend day, our satellite enters the House of Finances, for you Scorpios. You know what you want regarding purse management, but you might be too adventurous. You have to understand when it’s time to pull the oars in the boat.


On this weekend day, a serene conjunction of the Moon is forming for Sagittarius… It is a period of much better form than in the past days. Remember that summer arrives in three weeks and that it would be appropriate to resume physical activity.


Summer is near and there is a desire to get back in shape for the swimsuit test. Be careful though, if you play sports, not to overdo your cold efforts: calves and joints are weakened. On the day that is favorable for you, for you Capricorns, the night star is in the House of the Unconscious.


Starting from the lucky day for your sign, the nocturnal star is in an easy position for your Air sign… You are in good shape, and a person you see during the weekend notices it. You may get compliments like you haven’t in weeks.


For Pisces, the Moon is in an uncomfortable position, starting from this first day of the weekend… You are rather touchy. You must not take personally all the observations that may concern you! By looking at criticism objectively, you can see its constructive nature.

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