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Today’s Horoscope 3rd September 2023


Today, Aries can expect more than just pleasant emotions (especially if they were born in mid-April). In the morning and afternoon, progress in business is doubtful, but there is a risk of giving in, giving in to old bad habits, and acting by inertia to the detriment of yourself or your career. The evening will redirect attention to material matters and useful information; it will not be superfluous to re-establish order in your wallet and budget.


Today, key events await Taurus at the end of the day: it is in the evening hours that they will have the opportunity to turn to their own needs, compare them with the state of their personal or collective plans, highlight the main thing in the situation and sweep away the unnecessary. Until evening comes, the stars advise avoiding undertakings and overload, not giving in to impulse, and dealing only with the most necessary current concerns.


Today, the stars advise Gemini not to get carried away with adventures, to refrain from joining a new team, and to be more attentive to the echoes of problems in the old one. Evening events will shift the emphasis and force you to see the situation from a different angle, for example, instead of the position of a careless disinterested person, they will force you to think about everyday life, housekeeping, the financial side of friendship or the material basis of your current affairs.


Today the stars advise Cancers to refrain from taking important steps until evening. You should not get involved in new cases, solve specific legal and professional problems, have close contact with management and institutions, or communicate with long-time ill-wishers. The evening will suggest a more correct and promising direction of action. Having cooled premature enthusiasm, he will give cautious optimism.


Today luck will not leave Lviv abruptly, but it may melt during the day. If yesterday you didn’t have time to use your charm or take advantage of a moment of luck, the stars advise you to make up for lost time in the morning. In the evening, it is advisable to focus on strategic issues – especially those related to professional earnings, important expenses and transactions, project financing, or resource management.


Today, the stars strongly recommend that Virgos postpone all significant steps and decisions to the evening. It is the evening that will allow you to look at the situation and prospects from the right angle, and together with reasonable restrictions in some areas, get excellent opportunities in others. An attempt to speed things up can lead to a dead end, create unnecessary problems, and lead to undesirable consequences.


Today Libra will have to take for granted the environment around them. Until evening comes, many Libras will have to put up with the negative moods of other people or an unsuccessful psychological atmosphere in general (the stars do not advise expressing their dissatisfaction too violently, so as not to awaken the ghost of past enmity). At the end of the day, it is important to objectively assess the financial situation and your capabilities in it.


Until evening comes, the stars advise Scorpios to do only the most necessary things and be prepared for some discomfort in them, for example, ailments, disagreements in work and life, and lack of desired hygiene and order. At the end of the day, it is advisable to emphasize the key foundations of friendship and partnership. These could be joint plans, common beliefs, or the intersection of material interests.


Sagittarius should take into account that on this day not a single plan will be perfect for them. Even if everything went well yesterday, today interference may arise, for example, your luck in the game will change or your vacation will be spoiled. In the evening, you may be reminded of your daily schedule, health, or a set of routine needs. You may have to sacrifice pleasant things for the sake of work or duty, loved ones, or pets.


The main part of this day is not very harmonious for Capricorns. Many Capricorns (especially those born in mid-January) will experience domestic or psychological discomfort until the evening, risking reaching a dead end in business or not getting along with those around them. The stars advise waiting for the end of the day: at this time, systemic spiritual or material support will return, and information or reasonable hope will appear.


Today, all the most important things await Aquarius at the end of the day. Before evening comes, the stars advise representatives of this sign to focus on their surroundings and remember that not everything in it is obvious: some unpleasant nuances remain “behind the scenes.” It is better to avoid important trips and contacts. In the evening, long-term plans related to material resources or real estate will require attention.


The stars tell Pisces that a productive streak awaits them in the evening today. This is the best time to plan things, assess the situation and your capabilities, engage in targeted communication, and prepare for important events, negotiations, and transactions. The bulk of the day promises losses when trying to get something, but can be productive if the emphasis is on tracking problems and giving up unnecessary things.

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