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Today’s Horoscope 8th April 2023


On the eve of Easter, you can begin that activity which, in recent days, had seemed a little too far away, if not completely unattainable for you. For the Arietini, our satellite passes through the astrological house of the remake, on this day.


Don’t be too aggressive if someone you care about seems to disagree with you on an issue close to your heart. Starting from the lucky day for your sign, an unpleasant position of the Moon is taking place… Perhaps, however, it is you who insist too much instead of reconsidering the positions.


Your passion has a perfect moment to express itself. For you Geminis, the Moon enters the astrological house of everyday life as the weekend approaches. Try to carve out a moment to put to good use with the person who can most appreciate your characteristics…


You are very insightful and can end the working week by making a discovery that can give you great advantages in the professional environment. There is a favorable position of your star ruler for your Water sign this Friday. He surprises intriguing even in love.


Your loved one asks you to give her some more freedom. As the weekend approaches, the Moon presents itself in an unpleasant disposition for you Leoncini… Don’t be jealous if people try to take a little space for themselves. It’s not necessarily serious.


You will be very (too) sincere today, and you will say what you think at the cost of offending someone. For Virgo, a positive aspect of our satellite is underway, starting this Friday… Your honesty will be rewarded by someone who doesn’t hide behind a finger.


You will be very insightful and could achieve an important goal that affects the profession and economics in general. For your Air sign, our satellite transits through the astrological house of money, starting from the day that is positive for you. You can make a good purchase with little.


Your passion leads you to begin a completely new period in your emotional life. There is a pleasant conjunction of our satellite, for Scorpio, starting from this day. You may meet someone who will soon have your head flying in the clouds.


The night star enters the Field of unforeseen difficulties for your Fire sign this Friday… There are moments of unjustified jealousy. Be careful not to exaggerate certain words from your partner just for a joke. Be less harsh.


Starting today, there is a comfortable Moon position for you Capricorns. You will be very transparent in the eyes of someone who doesn’t like games. Point out to this person you like that you are different from the crowd and that you can be trusted.


For Aquarius, a disharmonious position of the nocturnal star is in progress, as the weekend approaches. An opportunity presents itself to talk to someone you haven’t gotten along with very well lately. You should take the opportunity to make peace with each other instead of showing a grudge.


People in your entourage quickly realize that you can be trusted. As the weekend approaches, a harmonious position of our satellite begins, for you Pisces… Those who count on you will not be disappointed: you will know how to show your attachment.

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