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Today’s Horoscope 9th August 2023


Until evening comes, something will prevent Aries from acting freely and in full force. Many Aries runs the risk of becoming obsessed with material things, recent new clothes, or the pleasures available to them at the moment. A new round of events is expected towards the end of the day, while any plot can start with pauses or obstacles. You may have to postpone contact, work, or a business trip until tomorrow.


Until the evening comes, Taurus will be immersed in their concerns. The main guideline for them will be their whims, mood, and well-being. Many Taurus until the end of the day will remain obsessed with some whim. Relationships with friends or romantic experiences may affect their behavior. The evening news will force them to turn their attention away from their needs and pay attention to the outside world.


In the morning, Gemini has a chance to catch up if yesterday they were busy and did not have time to get a portion of positive impressions from life. The stars are advised not to postpone a pleasant event (for example, a date), because in the evening they can again remind themselves of routine chores and worries. Certain duties, restrictions, controls, or reporting may come into effect.


The first half of this day will pass for Cancers under the sign of an unpredictable future. At the same time, many Cancers will look forward with optimism, pinning their hopes on friends or a happy occasion. The plot may very unexpectedly end with a purchase, personal life, or some kind of experiment. In the evening, caution would not hurt, it is worth checking the routes or preparing communication lines for tomorrow.


For Lions, this day can start with yesterday’s exciting experiences, the continuation of fantastic plans, or original experiments. It is possible to stay in the phase of love or creative ecstasy, accompanied by a stubborn unwillingness to see the “pitfalls” of the situation. By evening, more cautious thoughts, reasons for suspicion, or fear will appear, especially if there are negative experiences in the past.


Virgos should use the beginning of the day with maximum energy. New victories are unlikely, but the things already begun will go well thanks to the successful course taken the day before. The reward received can be discouraging, so it is better to be content with moral satisfaction. In the evening, there will be less freedom, and the need for external control, professional duty, or official obligation will remind of itself.


Today, Libra will not interfere with a share of prudence. In the morning, caution is useful in love and financial affairs, it is advisable to beware of too large-scale costly experiments. At the end of the day, it is worth showing more accuracy in working and bureaucratic issues, in foreign contacts, and in communicating with foreign organizations and services. It is better to postpone the start of travel, training, and repair work.


Today, the stars advise Scorpios to be more calm about other people’s whims and mood swings, even sincere and genuine ones. Not all promises will be kept. Some sympathies can be shown off, any emotions can be exaggerated. The success achieved may be fragile. In the evening, it is worth thinking about possible hidden systemic obstacles and risks that hinder rapid progress.


Before evening, the stars advise Sagittarius to deal with the emergency that arose the day before. If possible, it is worth clarifying the forecast of well-being, completing the work, completing the experiment, or updating. Do not ignore the needs of pets. In the evening, it is better to refuse meetings, meetings, consultations and dialogues on important topics, or start them with very serious thorough preparation.


Until the evening comes, Capricorns can rely on fate and a lucky break: their hopes will not be deceived. Sometimes the successful outcome of an adventure will exceed all expectations, the excitement or expense will not seem like a big price to pay for it. But in the evening it is worth showing maximum forethought so as not to miss a critical detail – especially when it comes to travel or health.


During the first half of this day, Aquarians may remain attached to a home, close friends, family, or events in their personal lives. This is a time of unpredictability, but there is hope that everything will end unexpectedly well (especially if the participants in the situation are mutually generous and diplomatic). In the evening, the stars are advised to reduce to a minimum the planned program of action and the costs associated with it.


The first half of this day is potentially favorable for Pisces, but the actual luck depends largely on chance and the ability to improvise. Accurate calculations and solid plans can fail. The most critical evening. It will bring to mind discipline, modesty, responsibility, moderation, duty, or limitation. It is better to minimize contact and attempt cooperation to avoid disagreements.

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