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Today’s Horoscope 9th March 2023


For you Arietini, a tiring aspect of our satellite continues today… Whether at work, in the family, or even at work, it will be thought that you are not very loyal. Don’t think only of yourself, otherwise, your words will begin to be relied upon.


There are moments of great sensuality, both for those who already have a partner and for those who are currently looking for one. For you Tauruses, the Moon is in the astrological House of Attraction this Thursday. You will know how to relate to whoever you like, under and over the sheets. There will be happy hours…


A period continues in which you seem superior to the people you usually deal with. Today, there is a harmonic disposition of the nocturnal star for your Air sign… The bosses will realize that they have to get busy if they don’t want to let your precious contribution slip away.


It could create a contentious situation, even a fight if you are not careful how you relate to a person who has a good temper and does not accept unfair criticism. On this day, for you Cancers, an unpleasant position of the Moon continues!


The second part of the working week sees you very balanced. Today, for you Leos, a harmonious disposition of our satellite has followed… You will know how to get noticed by finding an all not very tiring solution to a problem that instead seemed almost insurmountable.


Also today for you Virgos our satellite passes through the House of money. Relationships with someone who has always been present in your life but who, lately, you had felt a little distant are becoming more intense. If it’s someone you like, there will be sparks!


It’s another day when you can change the fate of an important relationship that had become stale and unproductive. This Thursday, for Libra, the nocturnal star is in suggestive conjunction… There is interesting news in the professional as well as emotional spheres…


You want to please everyone, but you can’t make anyone happy these days! On this day, for you Scorpios, the Moon is in the astrological house of hidden difficulties… You must be more capable of having your say even when it is uncomfortable.


Your tastes are excellent as usual. For you Sagittarius, a harmonious aspect of the Moon is underway, on a favorable day for your sign. Without exaggerating, today you could go shopping: there will be excellent opportunities to buy beautiful things without spending a lot.


You have to expose yourself more if you want to solve a professional problem. There is no more room for half-truths. Today, for you Capricorns, an uncomfortable position of the Moon followed… Only with total frankness will you be able to make progress in your life, professionally or in love.


A period continues in which you seem smarter than the average and in which you can talk to each other about everything. For you Aquarians, a tasty Moon position is underway today! A particular person wants to know your opinion on several intimate topics…


The nervousness that had characterized you in recent days now leaves room for a greater ability to interpret the speeches of others and to make them your own, if you consider them of value. Our satellite is, for Pisces, in the House of Change, on the day of the week that is positive for you…

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