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Two Zodiac Signs That Are Considered The Most Unpredictable

Most people can indeed be unpredictable to some extent. Moreover, it is a fundamental element of human nature, everyone sometimes does unexpected things, whether it is an unexpected exit from the house or an unplanned career change.

However, some people tend to behave unpredictably more often. The most unpredictable zodiac signs are Gemini and Leo. They are the most unpredictable people of all the zodiac signs. There are many reasons for this:


Geminis are unpredictable due to their desire to live and the need to always start new adventures, which is enhanced by the air sign’s natural flexible attitude towards people and moments in their lives.

Like the wind that can change its direction very quickly, they just move on to the next experience in their life, others see them as inconsistent people. But in reality, they just go where life takes them, accepting all the changes that it promises them.


People describe Leos as the leaders of the kingdom, others as unstable people due to their violent reaction when their leadership role is threatened. Like any leader, Leo can instantly declare war if he feels that his kingdom is under threat.

This instinct to protect the people in his life means that his anger can explode without warning. This is surprising because, in general, Leos are known for their stability, loyalty, and consistency. But it matters when you understand their reasoning.

Whether you’re a Leo or a Gemini, don’t worry, because this opens all sorts of doors for you.

Other signs are considered unpredictable, such as Aries, who can get angry in the blink of an eye and then calm down, and Libra, who constantly strives to balance energies, bombarding you with practical information when you are happy, and magical images of the future when you are unhappy.

Regardless of why these signs might be considered unpredictable, at the end of the day, we all need a little spice in our lives.

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