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Venus In Virgo Until November 8, 2023: What To Expect Based On Your Astrological Sign

From October 9 to November 8, 2023, the planet of love (among others) is in Virgo. We explain to you why it is good for your affairs of the heart as well as your money.

She took a long vacation in Leo this year: Venus has been in Leo since June 6, 2023. One season and one retrograde later, the hottest planet leaves the very caliente Leo to settle down in Virgo territory. Here, it’s no longer the same atmosphere. A little seriousness, a lot of pragmatism, and a mind sharp enough to slice butternuts, that’s what Venus in Virgo promises. We tell you everything there is to know about this transit and what it means for all astrological signs.


Venus, the star of our romantic, friendly, or professional relationships, enters Virgo this Monday, October 9. An ultra-rational Earth sign, it breathes a wind of pragmatism into Venus who begins to weigh the pros and cons in all situations. Affairs of the heart become more down-to-earth, we ask ourselves unvarnished what we are doing there and why. We take care of our friendships like we take care of a plant and we remain square when it comes to separating private life from professional life. Yes, with Venus in Virgo, relationships are serious. No more listening to your gut, you’re focusing on your gray matter. History of setting your limits and not making the same mistake over and over again.

Venus is also the guardian of our finances and all our earthly possessions, the wardrobe as well as the body, it is the time to take responsibility. We budget, we prepare for end-of-year purchases and we make the necessary medical appointments. The opportunity to (re)establish healthy routines, to create useful rituals which, in the long term, will bear fruit.


  • Earth signs such as Taurus, Capricorn and of course, Virgo are at the forefront. This transit is a time full of opportunities for them. They reconnect with what they love most: good habits, small savings, and raw honesty. Because on the heart side, these three are preparing to say what they think, what they want, and above all what they no longer intend to accept. Their love language? See their boundaries respected without having to ask.
  • Water signs are also very affected by this transit. Cancer and Scorpio are both in a dynamic of slow but certain improvement in the little everyday things that bother them: big sorting, small jobs, and more seasonal cooking. On the other hand, the period could be complicated to live through for Pisces. Those who prefer to follow their hearts like in a tearful song from the 90s are faced with reality with no escape.
  • The Air signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius will appreciate this atmosphere more than they admit. Because with the Virgin, we think. A lot. And the mind knows the Air signs who largely prefer to overthink this umpteenth relationship rather than adopting a more emotional angle. That said, the very down-to-earth and routine aspect of Venus in Virgo pushes them to take care of themselves: a rather strange concept in the eyes of the Air trio, but which could be useful to them.
  • It’s with the Fire signs that we’re bored, with Venus in Virgo. At least, at first. After playing the gambler of the heart all summer, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius see the holidays come to an end. A fun romance requires a little more work than expected and questions their involvement. This team project at work is no longer fun at all but there is no question of stopping. Yes, Fire signs will have to discipline themselves during this month. And we’re also talking about your bank card which is seriously starting to smell like smoke.

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