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What Does Zodiac Sign Say About Your Main Enemy?

Today our Magic Ball tells you which zodiac sign is best for you to throw the Magic Ball at and run without looking back. Because he is your worst enemy.


The main enemy is Aquarius

Oh, this is not just an enemy, this is the main competitor – Jesuitically cunning, devilishly insidious and, most offensively, completely unpredictable. While poor fellow Capricorn is honestly rushing to the pinnacle of success, knocking off his hooves, Aquarius flutters nearby, with his wings, clack-bang-bang-bang, and, like Stirlitz, pretends that he is just taking a walk. And at the last moment they will push you down. Why? Well, because it can.


The main enemy is Virgo

Virgo is the very sign that is absolutely impossible to piss off, because she looks at everyone like a scientist at a colony in a Petri dish: come on, come on, what do we have here? And only Aquarius always grows pseudopods, puts them into obscene shapes and shoves them under Virgo’s nose. Be careful, there is a dangerous moment: this is not the option when “whoever put on the robe first is the doctor”: Virgo has all the tools to pretty much ruin Aquarius’ existence.


The main enemy is Libra

The tragedy of the situation is this: both Pisces and Libra are sensitive lovers of beauty, and on this basis they often become best friends. In addition, Pisces in this friendship acts as a psychotherapist on a socially beneficial basis, and Libra acts as a guide to the real world. But just until Libra realizes that Pisces for some reason does not worship them. Revenge for this will be terrible and inevitable!


The main enemy is Pisces

Aries would not have made their worst enemy if they did not have the habit of knocking on the glass of the aquarium and mockingly yelling “Hey, McFly, is anyone home?”, but alas: the closedness, coldness and shyness of Pisces seems to provoke them. Well, our Magic Ball can only state with regret: the fool himself is to blame. Pisces know how to do everything unnoticed and completely unperturbed. Including dragging careless swimmers under snags.


The main enemy is Gemini

“Love yourself, sneeze on everyone” – this is the motto of both Taurus and Gemini. The only difference is that Taurus means by this selfishness and selfishness, and Gemini means indulgence in all sorts of dirty tricks that can be committed in relation to one’s neighbor. And Taurus is the most convenient target: it’s difficult to reach him, he gets fierce slowly, and while he’s stamping his hooves, you can manage to run to the Canadian border. It’s fun!


The main enemy is Scorpio

It’s not that Scorpio is really the main enemy: it’s just the only strong enemy – Gemini is able to butcher the rest without being distracted from the first morning cup of coffee – they’ll chat to death. This arrogance destroys them, of course, in enmity with Scorpio: Scorpio does not care about logic and persuasiveness, Scorpio does not listen at all, but looks at the root. That’s where the sting is aimed.


The main enemy is Cancer

To seriously quarrel with Cancer, you need to know all its weak points, and what places there are – only one shell (well, the claw sometimes clicks demonically). At the same time, Cancers are discerning, which means that they will show their tender belly only to those from whom they definitely should not expect betrayal. And they would be completely invulnerable if the same Crayfish, identically constructed, were not crawling nearby: their armor was apparently mass-produced. Overall, this will be a terrible fight.


The main enemy is Taurus

Leo is a self-proclaimed leader: charisma and pride are enough to make everyone around him fall on his face in admiration, but Leo doesn’t want to lead these little ones, it’s his paws. Taurus is a born leader who not only points the way to a bright future, like a monument to one mushroom, but also paves the way ahead of everyone. In short, Lev pisses him off. Very. And it is he who knows how to operate an asphalt roller, not Lev, if you know what we mean.


The main enemy is Capricorn

The main quality of Virgo is the ability not to be, but to seem, because it costs Virgo nothing to inspire anyone with anything. Including that she is the most hardworking pragmatist here. The problem is that Capricorn does not lend itself to hypnosis – once and twice – he really likes to bring someone to clean water – if, of course, he is carelessly offended. But Virgo can’t help but be offended: this is her second main quality – poking around in other people’s brains in search of something tasty. So: there’s no need to get into Capricorn’s horns – he’ll get you up on his horns.


The main enemy is Aries

Libras rarely make enemies, because, firstly, they are so sweet, and secondly, they can fool even Scorpio. And it’s not that Aries has anything personal towards Libra: they just infuriate him. It’s, you know, like Professor Preobrazhensky and Shvonder: look, they want to have lunch in the dining room, and examine them in the examination room! What do these Libras think about themselves?


The main enemy is Sagittarius

As a rule, there are no disagreements between Scorpio and Sagittarius because they do not have a common area for competition: it’s like a crocodile and a hyena – each has their own hunting grounds. The problem is that Sagittarius is really a hyena: in any incomprehensible situation he rushes into battle, laughing madly. And subtly placed Scorpio traps will not help here – they will chew through and not even admire their grace. That’s the kind of person he is!


The main enemy is Leo

Leo and Sagittarius simply cannot divide the clearing: who is the most magnificent, generous, noble and generous of all in the world, huh? Sagittarius thinks that he, Leo, of course, will not tolerate this. The problem is that Sagittarius is actually more generous and prefers to follow the dueling code and fight until the first drop of blood. This, of course, is what ruins him: he found someone to play chivalry with – have you never seen cats? That’s it. The bite will be sudden, yes.

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