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What kind of intelligence you have, according to your zodiac sign

There are many types of intelligence. We are all brilliant and creative in some way, and the type of intelligence we have is often influenced by our zodiac sign.

No matter what sign you were born under, your intelligence is remarkable. The stars don’t say you only have one type of intelligence, just that you can excel at one!

What kind of intelligence you have, according to your zodiac sign



Aries has an intuitive intelligence. He can see the possibilities of any situation and is not afraid to trust his instincts and take risks.


Taurus has a bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. He is able to coordinate his mind with his body.

One of the ways they learn is by going through an action and developing muscle memory.


When it comes to Gemini, it’s all about communication. So it’s no surprise that he has a linguistic intelligence. They are always able to find exactly the right word to express themselves as they need to.


Cancer has an intrapersonal intelligence. He understands himself, knows what he feels and wants extremely well.


Leo has a creative intelligence. He is able to assess and adapt to any situation or person.


Virgo has a logical intelligence. She can solve anything, come up with a hypothesis and prove it right.


Libra has a musical intelligence. She is very responsive to sounds, tone and rhythm and understands the language of music.


Scorpio is known to have perceptive intelligence. He is very hard to fool, he can see through people, regardless of what they do or say.


Sagittarius has an existential intelligence. He likes to address the big existential questions: why do we live and why do we die?


Capricorn has a practical intelligence. He is a great problem solver.

He can discover the solution to anything.


Aquarius has a very strong visual-spatial intelligence. He can mentally generate, rotate and transform visual images.


Pisces have a naturalistic intelligence. They are gifted with a strong understanding of all living things and have the ability to read nature.

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